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25 Foods That Start With E

foods that start with e
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Foods Beginning With The Letter E!

Curious to have an alphabet organization of foods in your pantry? Looks no further!

The following list of culinary treats are all foods that start with the letter E. From eggs to Eels, I put as many foods as I could find that meet the criteria.

Let’s get started!

foods beginning with e

E Foods!

1. Eggs

A common staple item on any shopping list, eggs are an important ingredient in most recipes. Eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even Easter, eggs are a protein packed snack for anytime. 

On top of the many occasions, they can be prepared by scrambling, frying, hard boiling, and many more!

2. English Muffin

An alternative to toast and other breakfast breads, English muffins are a common part of some morning routines. Different from American muffins as they use yeast instead of baking soda and offer a unique texture.

Toast them and lather them with jelly, honey, jam, or just butter! A English muffin is sure to make a simple breakfast better.

3. Edam

The lovers of cheese rejoice, because if you haven’t heard of Edam it’s a Dutch cheese that goes great with potatoes or bread! While it may be unheard of to some, most will remember it by it’s yellow color and wrapped in red paraffin wax when sold. 

The cheese also doesn’t spoil, it merely hardens over time. 

4. Eel

Eel might not be the first thing on most peoples grocery list, but it is still a food! The blood of an eel is poisonous however, so it should never be eaten raw! 

There are different kinds of eel and multiple ways it can be prepared. Personally, I don’t think I’ll be partaking in any.

5. Eggnog

A traditional holiday drink dating back hundred of years, Eggnog is a dairy treat! Prepared in a few different ways (including homemade options), eggnog is a heavy and rich drink that can leave you surprisingly full.

6. English Walnut

The English Walnut, once called the Persian Walnut, and sometimes confused with the Black Walnut, I know it’s confusing. Common to America, the English Walnut has thin and easy to crack shells, making them the preferred nut treat.

7. Espresso

Probably my favorite on this list, Espresso! Made by putting hot water through a finely ground compacted coffee. It’s a part of my morning ritual as well as many others because of the caffeine boost it provides. 

8. Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk, unsurprisingly gets it’s name from when normal milk has roughly 60% of it’s water removed. This product is shelf stable and can be canned for longer term storage!

As a side note, to get it back to the consistency of normal milk, adding roughly 150% of water gets it close to it’s original state. 

9. Eclair

A simple oblong dough treat, layered with chocolate, and filled with cream! These treats are common and most people know their sweet delectable taste.

10. Earth Nut

An Earth Nut is any plant that produces an edible seed that grows underground (the name is fairly straightforward it seems). These may be peanuts, truffles, or other roots.

11. Emu Apple

Having no relation to an Emu at all, the Emu Apple comes from a tree in the form of golf ball sized fruits. They are edible when they fall off, but strangely “rippen” when left buried for a few days.

12. Egg Noodles

Like normal noodles, they are made by starting with flour and water, but eggs are added to enrich the dough they’re made with. 

There are other variations that may separate them from normal noodles, but the most common is simply adding eggs to the dough, hence the name. 

13. Edamame

An edamame is just a soybean still in it’s pod. The bean is usually served boiled with salt and not much else. 

They’re a very healthy addition to your plate but have a high flavor degradation and should be eaten soon after acquiring. 

14. Erbazzone

A humble savory pie that consists of mixed greens enclosed in a thin flaky crust. Erbazzone is not the most common dish (at least in America), but is very simple and a normal summer dish in Italy.

15. Eggplant

More than a simple emoji, Eggplant is a common ingredient in several cuisines. While it’s most often used as a vegetable in recipes, by definition it’s a berry. 

Despite what people think of it’s health benefits, there aren’t many nutrients in an eggplant. It’s strong point is in it’s ability to absorb oils and flavors from food it’s cooked with. 

16. Emmenthaler

Most people won’t recognize this name, but it’s the actual term for what we call “Swiss Cheese”. Yup, that white delicious cheese with tiny holes in it is actually called Emmenthaler. 

A recognizable taste and smell, Emmenthaler is a common cheese used with breads and wines.

17. Endive

A small leafy vegetable with a slight bitter taste. The endive is not a common side dish or additive, but is edible!

18. Escarole

Another leafy vegetable from the same family as the Endive. It too has a bitter flavor and is common in Italian dishes.

19. Eggo Waffles

Eggo’s might not be the healthiest food on this list, they are still one of my favorites! 

My childhood is filled with the mornings or toasted Eggo’s and yelling at my brother to “Leggo my Eggo”! 

20. Elderberries

A medicinal plant commonly used to treat infections used by Native Americans and even Egyptians thousands of years ago. Today, it’s mostly used as a supplement.

21. Empanadas

Probably my second favorite item on this list, an Empanada is a baked or fried pastry filled with cheese, ham, beef, or other assorted fillings. 

Common in Southern European countries, Latin America, and the Philippines, I seek them out anytime we’re traveling there.

22. Egg Roll

Even if you didn’t grow up in an Asian household, you’ve more than likely ordered from an Asian restaurant and tried one of these. A wheat flour skin fried in hot oil, surrounding shredded cabbage, pork, and other fillings, the Egg Roll is a common appetizer to American Chinese Restaurants. 

23. Egg Salad

Usually a mix of eggs, mustard, onions, mayonnaise, or other ingredients. Egg Salad is a common dish to have as a side or for sandwiches and has an acquired taste for some.

24. Enchiladas

Originating in Mexico, the Enchilada is a corn tortilla rolled and filled with various vegetables, meats, and cheeses. 

There are loads of different Enchilada recipes, the same way there are numerous taco recipes. 

25. Escargot

My description of Escargot starts with a solid “Yuck”! But, there are people who have different taste buds than mine and seem to like this edible land snail.

Yes, Escargot is a land snail and served widely in Europe as a hors d’oeuvre.

What other foods are there?

Obviously this list isn’t all inclusive.

So, what are some other foods that start with “E”?

Looking for other recipes? Check out our collection of recipes here!


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