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250 UNIQUE Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

unique blog post ideas for travel bloggers
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250 Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

blog post ideas for travel bloggers

I notice a lot of lists for travel blog topics organize them by type of post (listicles, stories, inspirational, etc). I wanted to make it a little different and organize it based off the type of travel blogger YOU are.

So, the lists below are categorized by things like general travel, solo travel, couples, and others. There will also be a little overlap with article ideas since some apply to solo and couples travel, and I wanted this to be an easily navigable list where you can go right to the section that applies to you for relevant inspiration!

Destination Post ideas

General Travel & Destinations

These are some ideas that fit into a lot of categories and will hopefully spur some ideas! 

  1. Planning a trip around the world
  2. Planning travel with a group of friends
  3. Saving money for traveling
  4. Destinations for a Winter holiday
  5. Best Beaches to visit in summer
  6. Best backpacking destinations in Europe
  7. Backpacking through Asia
  8. Most underrated cities in the world
  9. Most overrated cities in the world
  10. Weekend getaways near [location]
  11. Best attractions in [major city]
  12. Top 5/10 favorite destinations
  13. Hotels vs Airbnb
  14. Hotels vs Hostels
  15. Life as a digital nomad
  16. Health concerns when traveling
  17. Travel highlights of your trip
  18. Worst travel moments
  19. How to make friends while traveling
  20. Trip itinerary for [city/country/]
  21. Safety travel tips
  22. Best Smartphone apps for traveling
  23. Smartphone apps for editing travel pictures
  24. Resources for planning a trip abroad
  25. Resources for planning a road trip
  26. Gift guide for travelers
  27. How to take amazing travel pictures
  28. How to get sponsored trips
  29. How to start a travel blog
  30. How to monetize a travel blog
  31. Packing list for [city/country]
  32. List of games to play on a road trip
  33. Teaching English abroad
  34. Unexpected travel expenses to lookout for
  35. Best travel credit cards
  36. Guide to travel insurance
  37. Best photo spots in [destination]
  38. Guide to cell phone service abroad
  39. List of international cell phone services
  40. Types of jobs for digital nomads
  41. What have you learned from travel
  42. Your funniest moments while traveling
  43. Your most embarrassing travel story
  44. Free activities in [city]
  45. Best theme parks in [country]
  46. Theme park guide (for an individual theme park)
  47. Finding cheap cruises
  48. Guide to taking your first cruise
  49. Best books to read on a long flight
  50. Airline reviews
  51. Most affordable airlines
  52. What to pack for winter travel
  53. What to pack for summer travel
  54. How to dress like a local in [destination]
  55. My scariest travel experience
  56. How to volunteer abroad
  57. List of travel quotes
  58. Best road trip routes in [country]
  59. Best budget travel destinations
  60. Best luxury destinations
  61. Vaccination list for traveling in [destination]
  62. Staying fit while traveling
  63. What to do if you get sick traveling
  64. Eco-friendly travel in [destination]
  65. How to pack medications for a trip
  66. How to pick a name for your travel blog
  67. Guide to couch surfing
  68. Guide to Van-dwelling
  69. How to overcome feeling homesick
  70. How to travel with a pet
  71. How to fly international with a pet
  72. How to learn a foreign language before traveling
  73. How to make money while traveling
  74. Top gay-friendly destinations
  75. Subway/Metro guides in [destination]
  76. Getting around in [destination]
  77. Places to avoid traveling to
  78. Cheapest countries to live in
  79. How Not to see [destination]
  80. Unknown sites in [destination]
  81. A locals guide to [destination]
  82. Inspiring videos about travel
  83. A photo diary of [destination]
  84. Pros and cons of traveling to [destination]
  85. Interesting facts about [destination]
  86. Myths about traveling to [destination]
  87. Hotel reviews
  88. Hostel reviews
  89. Travel diary
  90. Funny travel moments
  91. Travel memes!
  92. How far in advance to book a flight
  93. Overcoming jetlag
  94. Understanding foreign currencies
  95. Overcoming travel anxiety
  96. Snacks to pack for a road trip
  97. Guide to Glamping
  98. Most remote destinations to visit
  99. How to work abroad
  100. How to study abroad
  101. Best UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit
  102. How to get a passport
  103. [country] visa requirements and how to get one
  104. Snacks to pack for a long flight
  105. Visiting hospitals aboard [for specific country]

travel hacks

Travel hacks

Some of the most interesting articles I come across are travel hacks and travel tips. There are obviously more ideas than these, but I think they’re a great start to get the creative juices flowing!

  1. How to pack a suitcase
  2. How to travel with a carry on only
  3. What to wear when traveling
  4. Beauty tips while traveling
  5. Must haves during long flights
  6. How to book the cheapest flights
  7. How to find deals on hotels
  8. Travel hacking with credit card rewards
  9. Money saving tips while traveling
  10. Avoid pickpocketing while traveling
  11. Ultimate list of travel hacks
  12. Finding affordable cell service while abroad
  13. Best times of the year to book a flight
  14. Saving money when exchanging currencies
  15. Hygiene packing tips for flights
  16. Setting up price alerts for flights
  17. Getting the best seats on flights
  18. How to reduce wait time at airports
  19. Best places to get wifi when traveling
  20. Finding the cheapest ways around in a new city

family travel

Family Travel

There are a TON of family blogs around and while I haven’t gone on full family vacations, I can see the struggles. It only makes sense that there would be help specifically for some of those struggles.  

If you’re a family travel blogger, then here are some ideas for you!

  1. Family vacation on a budget
  2. How to fly with kids
  3. Family travel bucket list
  4. Cheapest destinations for family travel
  5. Worst family travel moments
  6. Travel itinerary’s for families
  7. Best gadgets for family travel
  8. Travel planning resources for a family trip
  9. Packing list for family travel to [country]
  10. Advice for traveling with children
  11. Games to play on a road trip with kids
  12. What have you learned from traveling as a family
  13. Free activities for families in [destination]
  14. Best theme parks for families
  15. Snacks to pack for a family road trip
  16. Best cruises for families
  17. Best airlines for family travel
  18. Best budget destinations for family travel
  19. Eco-friendly family travel
  20. How to travel with a baby

solo travel

Solo Travel

This is an area of travel I’ve got experience in and there are a lot of stresses with traveling solo. So to start, if you’re mainly a solo traveler, I applaud you and hope these blog post ideas give you some topics to write on!

  1. Solo travel bucket list
  2. Safe accommodations for solo travelers
  3. Ultimate Guide to Solo Travel
  4. Solo traveler itineraries
  5. Personal experience of solo travel
  6. Guide to being a solo digital nomad
  7. Worst solo travel moments
  8. Making friends as a solo traveler
  9. Travel planning resources for solo travelers
  10. Safety travel tips for solo travelers
  11. Best Gadgets for solo travelers
  12. Gift guide for solo travelers
  13. Selfie guide for solo travelers
  14. Packing list for solo travelers to [country/city]
  15. Best travel credit cards for solo travelers
  16. What have you learned from solo travel
  17. Your most embarrassing solo travel experience
  18. Free activities for solo travelers in [destination]
  19. My scariest travel experience as a solo traveler
  20. Volunteering abroad as a solo traveler
  21. Best budget destinations for solo travelers
  22. Luxury destinations for solo travelers
  23. Eco-friendly solo travel tips
  24. Couch surfing as a solo traveler
  25. House sitting for solo travelers
  26. Vandwelling as a solo traveler
  27. Advantages of traveling solo
  28. Pros and cons of solo travel
  29. Myths about solo travel
  30. Activities to do as a solo traveler

couples travel

Couples Travel

This topic is essentially what most of this blog is about. I now travel primarily with the love of my life and we face numerous obstacles as a travel couple. A few of the ideas on this list will be on my blog in the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them too!

  1. Saving money for couple’s travel
  2. Affordable things to do in [city/town] for couples
  3. Romantic getaways for [year]
  4. Romantic things to do in [city/country]
  5. Couples travel nightmares
  6. Resources for planning a couples trip
  7. Travel itineraries for couples
  8. How to get couple photos when traveling
  9. Packing list for couples travel to [country/city]
  10. Free activities for couples in [destination]
  11. Best cruises for couples
  12. Best budget destinations for couples
  13. Best honeymoon destinations
  14. Luxury destinations for couples
  15. Snacks to pack for a couples road trip
  16. Best anniversary destinations
  17. Best cities for a picnic
  18. Couples games to play on a road trip
  19. Couples massages in [destination]
  20. Exciting things for couples to do in [destination]

outdoors travel

Outdoors Travel

I love hiking, camping, and anything about the great outdoors! These ideas are only an overview and can be modified to fit so many different situations. 

  1. Outdoors enthusiast bucket list
  2. Cheap hiking destinations
  3. Camping trip nightmares
  4. Hiking trip nightmares
  5. Gift guide for hikers
  6. How to take phenomenal outdoors photos
  7. Packing list for camping anywhere
  8. Packing list for hiking [trail/mountain]
  9. How has camping changed your life
  10. Best boots for hiking
  11. Best pants for hiking
  12. My scariest outdoors experience
  13. Best glamping experiences
  14. List of glamping destinations
  15. Eco-friendly camping tips
  16. Pros and cons of camping
  17. Snacks to pack for camping/hiking
  18. Dangerous hikes around the world
  19. List of beach activities
  20. How to photograph wildlife
  21. Best places to go fishing in [country]
  22. Best golf resorts in [country]
  23. Wildlife tours in [destination]
  24. Hiking through [national park]
  25. Best daypacks for hiking

food and drink travel

Food & Drinks Travel

A major reason for travel for me is the history of the place I’m going. But, tied for that number one spot of why I travel is FOOD! I plan on writing more about food in the coming weeks and can only hope this helps other foodie lovers out there!

  1. Food guide for [city, country, etc]
  2. Cheapest restaurants in [city]
  3. Food delicacies from around the world
  4. Taking amazing food photos
  5. Best drinks to try in [city]
  6. Beer guide for [country]
  7. Best places to go wine tasting
  8. How to start a foodie travel blog
  9. Packing list for solo travel to [city/country]
  10. Vegan restaurants in [city]
  11. Vegetarian restaurants in [city]
  12. Staying on a diet while traveling
  13. Foods to avoid in [destination]
  14. Interesting facts about food in [destination]
  15. Dangerous foods from around the world

unique blog post ideas for travel bloggers

Product Posts

A lot of bloggers make money through writing product posts and reviews, including me. These posts help to inform people interested in the products and support bloggers. That means eventually you’ll begin writing a product post of some kind and these are some ideas for getting you on the right path. 

  1. Best gadgets for traveling
  2. Cool gadgets to take on long flights
  3. Best smartphone apps for traveling
  4. Travel gift ideas
  5. Beauty products you pack for a trip
  6. Best books to read while traveling
  7. Travel essentials for a winter trip
  8. Travel essentials for a summer trip
  9. Best boots for trekking
  10. Best pants for trekking
  11. Best apps to learn a foreign language for travel
  12. Best shoes to wear on long flights
  13. Best travel pillows for flights
  14. Top cameras for travel photography
  15. Best travel backpacks for carry ons

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Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

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