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5 Best Appetizers With Prosciutto

Pear prosciutto appetizer
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Delicious Appetizers With Prosciutto!

There’s no better way to start any party or get together than a tasty supply of appetizers! You can go the route of cheese, crackers, and prosciutto with some add-ons. But, my personal preference is to spice it up a little and spend some time on appetizers. 

That’s not to say that cheese and crackers can’t be an amazing, I just prefer a dish with a little pizzazz. Thankfully, prosciutto is the perfect addition for a little subtle kick to the taste buds. 

Why Prosciutto?

Prosciutto can be prepared in a variety of ways and change up just about any dish. This simple meat can be served hot or cold, and it goes great with just about any fruit, cheese, or even vegetables.

So if you’re having a get together and want a great introduction appetizer, then consider adding one of these prosciutto recipes to the menu!

fried peppers with prosciutto
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1. Fried Peppers with Prosciutto

This is a great start as it’s one of the simplest recipes and tastes great! The main point of adding this to the list is for anyone who wants a nice appetizer with prosciutto, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of time preparing it. 

The recipe mostly calls for cooking the peppers over heat for about 4 minutes. Then, add prosciutto to the pan and heat thoroughly. That’s it, a pretty simple appetizer to quite literally, spice up the party. 

five herb frittata prosciutto and parmesan
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2. Five-Herb Frittata with Prosciutto and Parmesan

Want something with a little more flavor? Well this can honestly double as a small breakfast and not just an appetizer. A Frittata filled with herbs, parmesan, and of course prosciutto will leave anyone who tries it satisfied. 

Personally I prefer mine without mint, but too each their own. Once prepared I also recommend cutting into small bite size pieces to make it easier to serve as an appetizer.

prosciutto and melon appetizer skewers
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3. Prosciutto and Melon Appetizer Skewers

Fruit and prosciutto are a great pairing and add a sweet twist to the party. The skewers can be served as just melon and prosciutto, or you can add your favorite cheese to it. My preference is to add mozzarella or cheddar to the skewers as they are both slightly sweeter cheeses. 

The recipe recommends to use cantaloupe for the melon or honey dew. However, you can also use watermelon as it also compliments well.  

Pear prosciutto appetizer
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4. Pear and Prosciutto Appetizer

Another easy to make option, pear and prosciutto are a surprising but welcome combination in an appetizer. Overall, the recipes estimated time for preparing is only 10 minutes, making it easy to make an appetizer while leaving plenty of time for cooking the main course. 

If you’re looking for some other appetizer ideas, they are also listed on this recipes homepage!

prosciutto wrapped prawns with pesto dip appetizer
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5. Prosciutto Wrapped Prawns with Pesto Dip Appetizer

As someone currently living in the North East, it would be ridiculous not to add a seafood option. While the recipe calls for prawns, you can easily add in shrimps with some slight alteration to prep. 

Also, be wary of allergies as there are nuts in this recipe!

Any More Appetizers with Prosciutto?

Hopefully one of these recipes was what you were looking for in your search. There are plenty of easier appetizers you could make, but few that would have such a great taste. 

If you have any recommendations for other recipes for appetizers, please list them below!

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