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50 Funny Travel Memes – Vacation memes 2020

funny travel
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I love traveling and experiencing the world. But, I also LOVE some funny memes and pictures. So, if I love both, why not mix them together?!

I came across some of the funniest and most relate-able travel memes on the internet and had to share them.

I mean, not every travel blog post needs to be focused on the “Top 10 Blah Blah Blah’s” and “1-Day Itineraries in [insert obscure location]”. Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and have some laughs over your favorite activity, travel.

There’s one for just about every moment of every trip I’ve taken, but these 50 are my absolute favorite vacation memes!

Funniest Travel Memes – 2020

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1. An Adventure?

For starters, this is the fluffiest Alpaca I’ve ever seen in my life. Also, what a pun!

Hilarious Travel Memes

2. No leg room 🙁

Seriously, most airlines act like people don’t have legs. I need at least some space to stretch on a 10 hour flight.

Best Vacation Memes

3. I have to at least grab something for the family

Every trip I go on I find myself grabbing at least two items for every family member, no regrets.

Funniest Vacation Memes

4. Travel Expectation vs Reality

How many times have you seen some amazing photos on instagram of a famous place, only to get there and it be busier than NYC Times Square.

Outrageous Travel memes

5. Still All About Travel

I use the coffee, to enjoy more travel.

Memes About Travel

6. How many times have I seen a drunk guy at 8AM?

I’ve seen it other places traveling, but it’s so normal to see someone drinking at an airport no matter the time. Airports are places where timezones don’t seem to apply in terms of drinking.

Funny Travel Pics

7. Another one, for how often I don’t have leg room.

Just imagine, a budget flight with no layovers and you can extend your legs greater than a 90 degree angle.

Funny Travel Pictures

8. No Better Feeling

It doesn’t happen often, but seeing that door close with no one next to me is the best feeling on a plane. Did someone say “comfortable plane nap”?

Funniest Travel Pictures

9. Sometimes I Don’t Pay Attention

Trying to save money on a flight is stressful and it’s horrible to overlook a two connection flight. But hey, my bank account won’t be hurting!

Best Vacation Memes

10. Sometimes I Think Ahead

Charging ports are somewhat common on the more pricey flights, but it’s so satisfying to have a fully charged phone before take off just in case. 

Hilarious Vacation Pics

11. Like wut?

I get size being an issue trying to fit items into overhead bins and below seats. But, having the same amount of weight just separated seems silly.

Flying Memes

12. Sharing is caring

I need an arm rest too! There’s no reason we can’t come to a compromise where I get all the arm rests and you get nothing.

Funny Airport Memes

13. It could be worse!

I mean, it is expensive sometimes though haha.

Traveling Memes

14. I always pack too much

Going on a trip for 2 days? Well let me just pack my entire closet! Who knows, it might snow in Florida so bring 18 jackets too.

Travel Packing Memes

15. Alright, that’s enough selfies

Let me sip my drink in peace.

Instagram Travel Memes

16. Budget World Explorers

Sometimes I like to just stare out the window and pretend there’s a beach in the yard.

Budget Travel memes

17. Peace out!

Shes got the spirit though, vacation in the backyard!

I love Travel Memes

18. Every Group Trip

Everyone is always hyped during the planning stage, but so few people are down to go.

Group Travel Memes

19. Traveling to Wal-Mart

I’ll just spend my vacation staring at travel pictures on pinterest instead. 

I'm broke memes

20. It’s still a carry on

Apparently the entire closet is “essential”.

Girlfriend Travel Memes

21. Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

There hasn’t been a worst feeling when traveling than to lose your luggage.

Funniest Airport Memes

22. Awkward moments on flights

I just want extra leg room.

Funniest Flying Memess

23. Browsing Skyscanner is Dangerous

How many times have you gone, “I deserve this”, and didn’t even think.

24. Worst Part of Travel

Most of my travel depends on just being able to get there and how much it costs.

25. Quick!

I’m rushing to leave on vacation!

26. Travel is a Priority

To each their own, but babies are expensive!

Funny Travel memes

27. Impatience is my worst personality trait

I love everyday, but the days I’m leaving for somewhere new is the best.

28. Never goes according to plan

We had a trip to London and of course, Big Ben was covered in scaffolding and it was foggy. Nothing like having plans for a site fall down.

Iceland Memes

29. Ughhhhh

I love traveling, but there’s nothing satisfying about that early flight misery.

30. Pack like you’ll wear 3 pairs a day

I don’t know why I do this, but it’s so relate-able.

31. Too Many Souvenirs 

It’s always a surprise, because I could’ve swore I already packed too much just to get there.

32. It’s more than a passport

I don’t know why, but there’s definitely a nice feeling to seeing tons of different stamps in that little book.

33. Vacation Time!

It’s not the best decision, but I made it.

34. “Independence”

There’s nothing wrong with solo travel! I lived on my own plenty of times, how’s that different than traveling alone?

35. Say it again!

Just chill and let the solo travelers live life.

36. Sometimes I Crave Home

I know, we try local dishes all the time while abroad, but sometimes a classic cheeseburger is needed.

37. I’ve had enough!

I love grabbing a souveneir on a trip! But, I don’t love being harassed constantly to pay for overpriced goods that can be bought from any store in the country!

38. And now I’m stuck in it

The worst part is that now me and everyone near by is stuck smelling those stank feet!

39. Never Gunna Happen

Plane ticket prices dropping? Pfft, only in hindsight do plane ticket prices drop.

40. Challenge Accepted

I’ll get there eventually!

41. Confusing times

I absolutely commend multi-lingual people because my second language abilities are sub-par. 

42. Me Again

I love these travel memes so much!

43. Elite Class

I got upgraded once to first class on an international flight, life changing experience. Every time I woke up from a nap someone was handing me hot food.

44. Be Nice People

It’s not our country or culture, props to the people who respect that!

45. They’re both so enticing!

Backpacking in general is fun activity, no matter where you’re going.

46. It’s the most important part!

Budgeting mostly comes down to how much the plane ticket will cost to get there and back.

47. “I’m busy”

I can’t be bothered with life, I’m busy enjoying some relaxation.

Favorite Vacation Memes

48. Finally some DISTANCE!

Sometimes you just need a break and that’s ok!

49. These Prices Are Ridiculous

It’s insane, the economy of an Airport is like a country where no rules apply.

Best Travel Memes

50. Airport Security Will Always Stress Me

I never bring a single piece of contraband, but I always feel so judged! 

Funniest Travel Memes

Funniest Travel Memes!

I hope you enjoyed these few laughs to make your day a little better. Funny pictures aren’t exactly a remedy for not traveling, but they do give a great chuckle.

If you have any other awesome memes or funny travel moments, please share them below!

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