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7 Best Breweries in Bozeman Montana

lockhorn hard cider bozeman montana
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Sweet mountain air, the allure of mother nature, and phenomenal beer. Ok, maybe Bozeman Montana isn’t mainly known for phenomenal beer, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. But it’s difficult to be known for anything other than the great outdoors when Montana is such an amazing place to experience nature.

What’s a great end to a day of exploring? A cool beer!

While Yellowstone, Hyalite Canyon, and other prominent attractions bring people through Bozeman, some of their breweries are perfect reasons to stay a little bit longer.

But where do we start? What kinds of beers are there? We’ll get to those questions now!

Best Breweries in Bozeman!

Mountains Walking

mountains walking brewery bozeman montana

The first brewery that stands out in Bozeman is Mountains Walking.

Mountains Walking has a deep respect for brewing and always ensure quality. Offering Ales, IPAs, Lagers, and more, you’ll find anything to match your taste here.

If you’re like me and have a sweet tooth, try out their Nitro Vanilla Cream Ale. Sure, many people may have reserves about a vanilla beer, but trust me, when done right it’s magical.

Nordic Brew Works

nordic brew works boszeman montana

I know we’re looking for breweries and unique drinks, but if you’re going to have a great drink you should have it with a great meal.

Nordic Brew Work is just the place for that, having some very unique menu options that perfectly accent many of their brews. If you’re not looking for a unique meal though, they offer the classic beer brat. To me, there’s nothing that matches better with a beer than a bratwurst.

Map Brewing

map brewing bozeman montana

Map Brewing has a similar passion for brewing as all of the breweries on this list. But Map Brewing has some interesting beers to select from.

They don’t have the longest menu compared to others on this list, but I think they are worth the try for what they have. Honestly, I always heard that the smaller the menu, the better the selection. While it may not always be true, those who specialize in a few beers (or dishes), tend to do them right.

Lockhorn Hard Cider

lockhorn hard cider bozeman montana

Maybe you’re not a pale ale or IPA kind of person. There are other options in Bozeman like Cider!

Lockhorn has a great collection of hard ciders to choose from with some interesting flavors. As an add on, the ciders are gluten free!

Bozeman Brewing

bozeman brewing bozeman montana

Bozeman Brewing has one of the widest menus we’ve found and offers a lot of tasty opportunities.

They also do a great job of giving back and offer a Sunday FUNday where 50 cents of every pint sold goes to a non-profit of the day.

They have year-round options for beer, but some seasonal, so make sure you check online before you go to see what will be available during your visit.

Bunkhouse Brewery

bunkhouse brewery

Bunkhouse is similar Map Brewing in having a slightly smaller menu, but still being astounding.

Personally, I lived in Germany for 3 years so their Bavarian Hefeweizen is made for me! If you have a sweet tooth, they also have the Bozar the Bozarian, essentially a banana beer!

406 Brewing

406 brewing bozeman montana

406 Brewing has an interesting selection that will cover every craving.

Most of their choices listed at time of writing are ales, so if you’re not into ciders and other options listed prior, this may be a good choice!

Enjoy Bozeman!

There’s a lot to do in Montana and Bozeman is a great place to be. The breweries above are a great thing to try when you’re there, but make sure you experience some of their rich culture and outdoor experiences!

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