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Best Escape Rooms in Berlin Germany
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Best Escape Rooms Berlin

Escape rooms and exit games are one of our favorite activities to do and especially if we’re traveling with friends. We have plenty of evenings spent grabbing drinks at a local Irish pub or sightseeing, but there’s nothing quite like a tense situation and puzzle solving for an eventful night!

Thankfully, Berlin has plenty of options for exit rooms with numerous themes of varying quality. Because there are so many options, we listed a few of the best to help you figure out the best escape room for you in Berlin!

What is an escape game?

What is an escape game?

If you want to skip ahead to the list, it’s just below. However, we wanted to give a quick preview of what to expect at an escape room in case you’re new to one or might be a little nervous. The essential idea of an escape room is right in the name, to escape the room.

Don’t fret though, you aren’t trapped in there eternally until you find a way out. All escape rooms are monitored in case you panic and want to exit immediately and most even provide hints if the observers notice you’re struggling. At the end of the day it’s meant to be fun, and it’s no fun being stuck in a room and getting nowhere.

The puzzles are usually multiple steps, so one of the steps may be difficult while the others may be right up your alley! So, don’t stress over not solving something either, Linn and I had to get quite a few hints during our numerous trips to escape games.

Best Escape Games in Berlin

Best Escape Games in Berlin!

On to our list of the best escape rooms in Berlin! The order is random, as sorting from best to worst is pretty subjective and based on personal interest. But I’m certain one on the list will meet what you’re looking for and be sure to check out each location’s other rooms as there are plenty of options!


All prices listed will start with the lowest. But be aware that the cheapest prices are listed for the largest groups (the more people the cheaper). So, the fewer the people, the more per person it will cost.

The Room – Beast of Berlin

Beast of Berlin

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Price: Starting at €25 

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

The year is 1924 and a serial killer, “The Beast of Berlin”, is on the loose! The inspector searching for the killer has the idea that maybe the murderer is someone on his own team. He enlists your help to search the suspects office for proof of his heinous crimes!

This is a great puzzle room with an entrancing story! The exit room doesn’t have any scare actors or full darkness, so if you’re a bit timid then there’s no need to worry. The Room does recommend not bringing in children under the age of 14 as it is still “creepy and bloody”

Escape Berlin – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Berlin Escape Room

Price: Starting at €19

Players: 2-8

Time limit: 60 minutes

Any fans of Sherlock Holmes out there? If you’re like me and have read all the books and visited 221b in London, then you’ll probably want to do this exit room! The mission here is that Sherlock Holmes nemesis Professor Moriarty, has returned and now Sherlock has gone missing! By permission of Scotland Yard, you’ve been given access to the freelance detective’s home and need to ascertain his fate.

The room is set in a Victorian era atmosphere and gives a true feeling of being inside the home of the famed Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles themselves follow with the theme of the room and are treat to try and solve.

Outopia – Vault 13

Price: Starting at €18 

Players: 2-5

Time limit: 60 minutes

Any Fallout fans in the audience? Vault 13 takes place in a fallout shelter after surviving a nuclear war by hiding underground. I don’t want to ruin to much of the story behind it, but the main goal is to escape the bunker after spending generations underground. There is an interesting twist that makes the puzzle pretty fun to solve that I’ll save for you to find out!

The Room – Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure Berlin

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Price: Starting at €25

Players: 2-5

Time limit: 75 minutes

Fan of Indiana Jones? Ever dream of being an archaeologist and making a grand discovery? Then this puzzle was made for you! Find your way through a passage to possible treasures and underground secrets. Not recommended for people who are afraid of dark places or anyone with knee or back pains (per the company running the room). It’s also not advised to wear shorts or skirts.

Mission Accepted – Space Escape

Space Escape Berlin

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Price: Starting at €21

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

As a lover of sci-fi and space adventures, this is a perfect puzzle to enjoy both! The plot of the puzzle is similar to Armageddon, an asteroid is racing towards Earth and it’s your job to blow it up. The puzzle consists of finding what the buttons and knobs do to operate the spaceship.

Illuminati Escape – Alien Grill

Alien Grill Illuminati Escape

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Price: low as €21.5 

Players: 2-6

Time limit:  60 minutes

Another puzzle for the sci-fi fan in you, Alien Grill is unsurprisingly about Area 51. Taking place in a small diner located in the Nevada desert, it’s your job to explain some of the strange occurrences happening in the area.

Labyrintoom – Leonardo Da Vincis Cabinet

Leondardo Da Vincis Cabin

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Price: Starting at €19

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

Who hasn’t heard of Leonardo Da Vinci? Well in this inspired escape game, he’s left behind clues to solve with a handsome reward at the end. The room is designed with his interests and experience in mind, setting you into the mind of the artist/inventor.


There is a plethora of history to see and fun things to do in Berlin. As much as I hope you try one of the escape rooms, please check out the rest of the city and what it has to offer! If there are any escape rooms you have reviews of, or better ones, please comment below! Also be sure to check out some outdoor things to do in Germany like going to the top of their largest mountain, Zugspitze!

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