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A PERFECT Dat at Callaway Gardens – Pine Mountain GA

A Day at Callaway Gardens
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Visiting Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain Georgia

As a native Georgian, I’ve been able to make it to Callaway Gardens for every season and see the plethora of fun they have to offer. If you’re an outdoors person that loves experiencing nature, then it’s definitely worth the visit!

You can go hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, and so much more in the summer, or take in the awesome sight of seeing numerous hot air balloons take flight in their annual hot air balloon festival. Maybe you don’t make it to Callaway in the summer but still want to see the area?

They are still open and if you come during the right time in winter, you can see their Fantasy In Lights, a Christmas light decoration trail through their park.

My recent trip to Callaway Gardens

The most recent trip I took to Callaway Gardens was with Linn and although it was overcast, it was still an awesome day! We started by hiking through the Azalea Gardens (or Azalea Bowl) and just trying to relax and take in nature. There is a lot to walk around and see besides just the Azalea Garden and the path we took led us right to the butterfly center.

Callaway Butterfly Garden

Upon entering the center, you’re shown displays of the numerous types of butterflies they have. We of course made a beeline straight for the butterfly room and were greeted by quite a few fluttering around us. Even as a full-grown man and army veteran, I still felt like a Disney princess walking through there.

I personally love experiencing nature and the different kinds of life on this planet, so I really enjoyed it.

Callaway Gardens Christmas Lights

Callaway Fantasy in Lights

My most memorable trip to Callaway Gardens was as a kid and taking a drive through the Christmas lights on display through the whole area. This was a long time ago and it’s only improved since then!

The staff setup an entire road filled with different decorations, hanging lights from the trees, and making the area look like a Tim Allen Christmas movie. So, speaking from the point of view of a kid, this was something I absolutely loved and recommend other parents to share with their children.

Staying at Callaway Gardens

There’s a lot to see and plenty to do at Callaway, so I’m sure plenty of visitors want the option to stay the night nearby.

If you want to stay really close and never even leave Callaway Gardens, then you can always rent one of the cabins they have on site. The cottages offered are really nice and if you don’t have a budget, they offer villas as well.

Personally, I’m a budget traveler and would sleep in a hammock provided bugs won’t eat me. So, if you’re like me, there are cheap hotel options nearby as well. (link search for hotels near callaway gardens.

Callway Gardens in a nutshell

I haven’t gone fishing or golfing at Callaway, so I can’t offer a personal review. But having lived in the area for 18 years, I never heard a bad review from the locals.

Overall, I don’t think I’ve heard a bad thing about Callaway Gardens from anyone that’s ever gone. That’s why I highly recommend going for anyone, as a couple, family with kids, or just someone that loves the outdoors. Callaway Gardens has plenty to do and see and will not disappoint! Also be sure to check out other things to do in Georgia!

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1 Day at Callaway Gardens

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