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How To Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping

insulating a tent

5 Ways on How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping

In a perfect world, every tent would come with the right amount of insulation already installed and ready for camping. Sadly, we don’t live in a perfect world and insulating a tent yourself can save you a lot of money!

Some tents already come with some insulation, but it will depend on what kind you purchase. The point of this article is to help with options to insulate your own tent without having to purchase another one. That being said, you may still have to get a new tent if you plan on camping somewhere with a very intense climate. As the climate gets colder, you start to approach the need to just get a better tent instead of spending 2 hours trying to insulate an alright one.  

How does tent insulation work?

The theory is the same as insulating your house, you want to reduce the amount of heat that can be transferred from one material to another, eventually escaping to the outside. This can be achieved a few ways from ensuring greater light absorption from the sun to reducing heat already in the tent from leaving. 

You could also bring a small heater, but the large struggle here is making sure as little heat leaves the tent as possible. Not many people realize, but the human body produces a sizeable amount of heat, so just doing as much to keep that heat in can keep you warm through the night if you have a small enough tent. That being said, if you’re camping in the extreme cold, you may want to look for tents specifically built for harsh winter climates. 

5 Tent Insulation Options

1. Cover the tent with a Thermal Blanket

thermal blanket

The hot air in your tent will rise and try to escape the tent. Putting an extra barrier between you and the outside world will help keep the heat in, especially when that barrier is a large enveloping insulator! A thermal blanket is the perfect solution to this as it will help trap heat in. A nice plus to having a thermal blanket is that it will also act as a wind barrier and help stop the wind from wicking away the hot air your tent is absorbing.

If you have a 4 seasons tent, you probably wont need this for most cold weather camping, but this is nice to have if the temperature dips low enough where the tent can’t handle it anymore. 

2. Line the roof and walls using insulating fabric

thermal insulating fabric

This is the same thing as insulating the outside, but from the inside. You can use a thermal blanket here as well, but the reason it wasn’t mentioned first is because it can be a little annoying to do depending on the tent size. Trying to secure the material to the inside becomes tedious, but does help keep heat in a little more than putting it on the exterior. 

Some additional materials you can use are what would usually be seen in a thermal sweater. A smooth layer covering the wall or roof will help keep more heat in!

3. Tent flooring material

camping tent rug

While heat may rise, you can lose a lot of heat just from contact with the floor. The ground isn’t exactly the most comforting and is far from warm when camping in the cold. A simple solution here is to add insulation to the ground! There are blankets made just for camping in tent, but even some rugs or other materials will work better than nothing if you’re trying to save some money. 

The thermal blanket that was mentioned above for covering the outside of the tent will also work well here as a floor mat. 

4. Opt for a smaller tent

Get a smaller tent! This one may seem obvious to some, but it’s not the first thing campers think of when looking for tent insulation options. The whole point of insulating is to reduce the amount of heat that can leave your tent. If you’re body heat is only producing so much comfort, then a smaller tent will reduce the amount of space you need to keep warm. 

Is it nice having a larger tent to move around in and use for storage? Of course it is, but warmth is the real comfort you’ll want when sleeping outside, not extra room.

5. Buy a Tent Heater

tent heater

A somewhat more obvious solution is to just create more heat!

Insulating a tent is still important to staying warm while camping, but producing more heat is another option that can work just as well. I’m sure some people may ask, “isn’t that a fire hazard”? The answer would be yes if you just buy a normal heater and stick it in a tight space. However, there are special made heaters for portability and use in tents. Mind you, you’re still personally responsible for how you use these heaters. It doesn’t matter how “safe” a heater is if you set it right in front of a pile of clothes or other flammable materials. 

Other insulating options?

Are there any options I missed here that you want to add? Please comment below and let me know!

If not, I hope this list helps keep you warm when camping!


Best Bushcraft Gloves

wells lamont hi dexterity gloves bushcraft

5 Best Bushcraft Gloves for Camping and Hiking

Looking for the best bushcraft gloves to protect your hands during those intense outdoor adventures? Look no further, the following list covers the best outdoors gloves on the market to keep your hands safe.

While every glove won’t protect your hand from every scenario, because of the material some gloves are made of, they’ll perform better for certain tasks. Overall, you’ll find at least one on this list that is the best bushcraft glove for what you want to do. 

What Makes a Bushcraft Glove?

What people look for when they want a solid bushcraft glove is durability and flexibility. You need a glove that can withstand a lot of hard work in harsh environments but still be dexterous.

Sadly, there aren’t a ton of gloves on the market made specifically for bushcraft, but there are a lot of outdoor work gloves that easily meet the requirements of a solid bushcraft glove. 

While gloves aren’t always the first thing people think of for outdoor adventures, I highly recommend adding a pair to your camping checklist, you won’t regret it!

Common Glove Types for Bushcraft

Some of the common glove types to use for bushcraft are leather work gloves, mechanics gloves, and even gardening gloves. These are made to be durable doing rough work and are made to protect your hands. 

Top 5 Bushcraft Gloves

Custom Leathercraft 160L Contractor Gloves

CLC Custom Leathercraft 160L Contractor Gloves

Named a contractor glove for a reason, these are perfect for heavy outdoor use. The synthetic leather is mixed with a textured Syntrex microfiber palm and fingers for better grip.

On the back of the gloves are layers of spandex and neoprene for improved durability and a flexible fit. These are a go to for not just contracting, but also bushcraft!

  • Flexible fit
  • Durable and neoprene padded
  • Textured grip
  • Some people reported unraveling seams

Hestra Fält Guide Leather Gloves

Hestra Falt Guide Glove Bushcraft

Named after Lars Fält a leading survival expert, these gloves are great for outdoor work!

Whether that outdoor work is dealing with the rigors of camping or needing protection in the garden, these are some great leather work gloves!

  • Flexible fit
  • Durable and neoprene padded
  • Textured grip
  • Some people reported unraveling seams

Wells Lamont Hi-Dexterity Leather Work Gloves

wells lamont hi dexterity gloves bushcraft

Made from tough pigskin leather to protect the palm from abrasion and punctures. These outdoor bushcraft gloves are an affordable option that provide a decent amount of flexibility and breathability.

As someone looking to buy bushcraft gloves, these would be a solid choice if I was looking to save money.

  • Flexible fit
  • Padded knuckles
  • Comfortable wrist closure
  • Some issues in manufacturing, such as thickness discrepancies within a pair.

Hestra Skullman Outdoor Work Gloves

hestra skullman outdoor work gloves

Hestra offers a lot when it comes to outdoor work gloves and even cold weather snow mitts. These specifically offer a bit more protection around your wrist do to the extra length, making them a slightly better option for working with weeds, thorns, or any other dangerous plant life. 

While there are a lot of options on the market, these are fairly comfortable depending on size and are a great option for most bush craft activities. 

  • Made from durable goat leather
  • Palm padding
  • Comfortable wrist closure
  • Not many

Wells Lamont Leather Work Gloves with Wrist Closure

Wells Lamont Men's Cowhide Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont is another popular brand for quality work gloves. These basic versions of cowhide outdoor gloves are perfect for any hard work that may hurt or harm your hands and you want to make sure you’re safe. 

The gloves also come with an adjustable wrist strap to ensure the glove stays on your hand and all debris stays out. 

  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Durable cowhide
  • Palm patch for extra grip
  • Some reports of stitching coming loose

More Outdoor Fun and Gear!

There are plenty of items I could recommend if you plan on camping or hiking, but that’s beyond the scope of this article as we’re just here for gloves.

I’ve written a nice guide on what to bring hiking if you’re planning a trip and even have some awesome gift ideas for hikers!

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25 Good Morning Captions For Instagram

good morning captions for instagram

Want a creative way to say good morning for your Instagram post?

The early morning is a fresh start to your day and gives the opportunity for a new day. While I love waking up early in the morning and getting a healthy breakfast, it can be challenging to find the right captions to express those feelings. 

To help, I’ve compiled a short list of the best good morning captions for your Instagram pictures! Hopefully these are helpful and make it easy for your morning posts!

Good Morning Captions

Good morning sunshine.

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most!

Today is a good day for a good day.

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.

I hope your day is amazing as you are.

Start your morning with a smile.

Always remember…. everyday is a new beginning.

morning quotes for instagram

Today is a good day to smile.

Have a beautiful day!

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

Good morning, make it an awesome day.

Wishing you a good morning!


morning sayings for instagram

Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile.

Today is going to be a great day.

Good morning, have a lovely day.

Deep breath. It’s a new day.

Today is a new beginning.

An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.

instagram captions for early morning

Good morning everyone!

Everyday is a choice, let’s choose to be happy.

If you are going to rise, you might as well shine.

A little hello to start off your day.

No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.

I opened two gifts this morning. They were my eyes!


Hopefully these good morning captions for instagram are what you were looking for and you have a great day!

Also be sure to check out these other inspirational posts and other Instagram captions.

Extra Quotes and Captions

Best Nature Captions for Instagram

Hiking Captions for Instagram

Travel Quotes and Captions for Instagram


Best Swinging Camping Chair

NEMO Stargaze Camping Chair

*DISCLAIMER* – If you’re traveling during COVID lockdown – be sure to check the state and local guidelines for travel requirements during COVID-19. 

Stargazer Swinging Camping Chair Review

I’ve spent days camping and hiking in the great outdoors. As nice as it is to rough it and experience the harshness of nature, sometimes I just want to appreciate life with some comfort. The Stargazer Recliner Luxury Chair (a fancy swinging camping chair) offers that level of comfort while being portable enough to take on a camping trip.

Let’s take a look at this awesome creation and why you might want one.

What is it?

Not your average camping chair, the Nemo Stargazer was made to be a comfortable alternative to laying on the ground to stargaze. Obviously any alternative to laying on flat ground is good. But, this chair was made to be comfortable and relaxing to make your nighttime activities truly enjoyable. 

Sitting in the Stargazer is analogous to being cradled and rocked to sleep. It’s free range of motion and form fitting make it the perfect place to relax after a long day of hiking.

Stargazer Quick Review

NEMO Stargaze Camping Chair


  • Free swinging
  • Comfortable and flex fitting
  • Supportive headrest
  • No spill cupholder


  • Setup was slightly difficult getting the rods into the sleeves
  • Some people (with wide shoulders) report having them squished together

The Best Camping Chair?

The Stargazer is made from aircraft grade aluminum that flexes freely. The way the chair is constructing means it can be used on any surface and still allow free movement. In addition to a comfy headrest, there is a storage pocket to keep your phone and other personal items close as you relax. 

While setup is fairly simple, some people have mentioned that fitting the rods into the sleeves was difficult. 

The chair comes in a few different versions, so check the specifications for each depending on your need. Don’t worry about carrying capacity as each version is rated up to 300lbs. 

Official NEMO Stargazer Video Description

More Camping Delights

We offer a lot of information on Camping for Beginners, Hiking Gift Guides, and More! Be sure to check out other outdoor related articles!

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Best Hikes in Rhode Island

Newport Cliff WalkSource: Google Maps

*DISCLAIMER* – If you’re traveling during COVID lockdown – be sure to check the state and local guidelines for travel requirements during COVID-19. 

Best Hiking Trails in Rhode Island

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but in my years of living here it’s had a lot to offer. The Ocean State has a rich outdoor experience a plenty to offer for the traveling adventurer and has a lot more to do than just things to do in Providence. 

The state isn’t usually a destination for the avid hiker as it’s generally flat. In fact, the highest elevation in the state is a mere 812 feet. Needless to say, hiking in Rhode Island probably won’t leave you breathless. 

Regardless, with hikes consisting of peaceful wildlife and ocean views, there is still plenty to appreciate. You’ll find some trails taking you down the seaside. Splashing waves and roaring seagulls aren’t the usual tunes of nature you hear on a hike, which is one of the things that makes hiking in the Ocean State so special. 

preparing for a hike
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Preparing for a Hike

Before leaving for any hike, there are a few steps to take to properly prepare. Being safe and adequately prepared are a must during any outdoor adventure! So, here are some tips to preparing for your hike!


Have any required navigation tools to ensure you always know where you are and where you’re going. Most hikes on this list will be small trails and having a phone with GPS will suffice. But, it always helps to have a map and compass if necessary. 

Water & Food

Many people underestimate just how dehydrated a simple hike can make you. So, ensure you drink plenty of water prior to your hike and have some with you in your preferred container. Don’t forget about carrying snacks and a meal if you plan on hiking all day!

Weather Protection

Be prepared for whatever the weather may bring. Being on a peaceful hike only to be interrupted by a downpour is horrible. Look up the weather for the area in advance and ensure you have the proper clothing for the temperature, waterproof gear for rain, and sun protection for those extra sunny days. 

Safety Gear

This includes a First-Aid kit, emergency radio, and any other gear suggested by local wildlife professionals or park postings. Look up any possible wildlife concerns or other suggested items for the trial you plan on visiting!

Hiking Backpack

You’ll need something to carry all of these items in! Depending on the length of your hike, a simple daypack might be all you need. If you’re planning a camping trip then a larger bag may be needed to fit everything. 

*If you’re planning on doing some hiking around a camping trip, be sure to check out our camping for beginners guide to help prepare!*

Newport Cliff Walk
Source: Google Maps

Newport Cliff Walk

What some will call of peaceful stroll, the Newport Cliff Walk spans the Newport coastline and is fairly accessible. While it’s not very strenuous, there is a section of rock scrambling. Don’t expect intense bouldering, but you should still be careful!

On top of the wonderful hike down the coast, the Cliff Walk goes past the notorious Newport Mansions. Depending on when you go, your short hike may turn into a tour of some of Newport’s best architecture. 

clayhead trail
Photo Credit:

Clay Head Trail

Block Island is a common tourist destination for those visiting Rhode Island and locals. In addition to the numerous things you can do on Block Island, hiking is a great way to spend a sunny day here. Block Island is a mere 7 miles long and the trail crisscrosses throughout the island offering a look at some of it’s most breathtaking views. 

The trail extends 3.5 miles and is dog friendly as long as they’re on a leash. There’s more to do than just bird watching and experiencing nature on this trail, Block Island recently started the Glass Float Project, a constant scavenger hunt for glass floats around the island.

Watchaug Pond Trail 

A lengthy 11 mile long trail, expect to spend the day enjoying the beautiful pond and chirping birds. This is another hike that allows dogs as long as they’re on a leash, so bring your furry friend along!

As a disclaimer, some people have stated they got lost or misdirected when hiking along the trial. While the trail is marked fairly well, always be sure that you’re on a designated hiking area. 

Photo Credit:

Jerimoth Hill

A simple 0.3 mile hike that you probably won’t even break a sweat completing. But, it’s not there to be a workout, this hike takes you to Rhode Island’s highest point at an astounding 812 feet (I know, riveting). 

This trail is meant to be a short outing to enjoy nature and mark another trial off your list.

Rocky Point Walking Trail

An easily paved trail that extends a short 1.6 miles. The Rocky Point Trail is fairly easy and more of a leisurely stroll along the Narragansett Bay than an intense hike. 

The trail borders the once great Rocky Point Amusement Park. If you want a little more difficulty and adventure, simply veer off the trail to explore the now abandoned park.

sachuest point national wildlife
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge Trail

A beautiful hike with a view of the ocean from almost every spot. The 2.4 mile loop offers an easy hike and isn’t talked about enough. You may be wondering what you’ll see here as it’s a wildlife refuge. There are numerous spotting’s of deer in the area and you’re almost certain to encounter them depending on the time of year. There is also a reported coyote pack that is monitored in the area.  

If you’re looking for a great place to rest or have a picnic, venturing off the trail will usually yield a secluded beach to relax on.

Weetamoo Woods Trail, Weetamoo Woods

An easy to moderate hike that extends 4.7 miles. The Weetamoo Woods themselves have a rich history and were once home to the Pocasset people who fished and farmed in the neighboring areas. The trail offers some bridges and low spots may become muddy, it’s recommended to have some form of waterproof hiking gear and boots.

This isn’t the only trail in the woods and there is plenty to explore. Check here for a detailed map of the area and trails to choose from. 

Beavertail Trail, Beavertail State Park

A relaxing hike made to enjoy the oceans views of the Narragansett Bay. The Beavertail Trail is a short 2.3 mile hike frequented by locals and has benches scattered along the trail, making it easy to stop and take in the scenery. 

Carrs Pond Trail
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Carr’s Pond And Tarbox Pond Trail

A 4 mile loop wrapping around Carr’s Pond and extending to Tarbox Pond, the trail is fairly easy but can be muddy depending on the weather. This is a great hike to experience the nature of Rhode Island and is fairly peaceful to traverse. While the trail isn’t very difficult, some people have reported issues with navigation as the trail markings might not be the easiest to spot. 

Long Pond Woods Trail

Located in Hope Valley Rhode Island, this trail takes you past a pond and through some small scrambles that may be challenging if you have knee or leg problems. Long Pond Woods Trail is a common hike for bird watchers and hikers just looking to experience the outdoors without going on a strenuous adventure, but still want a slight challenge. This is a personal account, but the trail is still rated moderate. While it may only be slightly challenging for me, for those with cardiac conditions or leg problems, it may be more challenging. 

The entire trail is 4.5 miles long. It’s not the longest hike, but like I said, that distance can take quite a toll if you’re not prepared for it. 

More Hikes in Rhode Island

These are what I consider to be the best hikes in Rhode Island, it doesn’t mean there aren’t more! For a full list of hiking trails in the Ocean State, check out this resource!

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10 Best Nude Beaches in Florida

best nude beaches florida

The sun is shining, the waves are crashing in, and you have no clothes on. You heard it right, sometimes it’s nice to strip bare and enjoy the beach all-natural. This might not be for everyone, but nudists or naturists have the preference to enjoy their beach time nude!

These naturalists are everywhere, including the USA. So, shouldn’t there be a few nude beaches where they can be themselves? Thankfully, Florida has quite a few nude beaches where you can strut around and get a tan with no lines. 

So, what are the best nude beaches in Florida?

best nude beaches florida

Best Nude Beaches in Florida

While these are nude beaches, depending on the areas or sections of the beach, you may still need a swimsuit. Double check each beach for their specific guidelines!

Haulover Beach

Haulover beach has a load of activities to offer, but what it doesn’t have is a clothing requirement. Just north of Miami and south of Fort Lauderdale, this naturist beach is one of the best maintained in my opinion and offers a safe place for beach goers to hang loose. 

In fact, Haulover Beach is readily ranked as one of the top 10 nude beaches in the world! There’s also plentiful parking for the beach, so don’t fret about finding a parking spot. It’s fun-loving atmosphere and welcoming community are a great getaway. If you’re looking to visit, be sure to check out any local events going on as well!

Playalinda beach florida


Located on Canaveral National Seashore, this little stretch of beautiful beach is secluded compared to the usual nude beaches you’ll find in Florida. Designated federally as a nude beach, rest assured you’ll be welcomed here as a naturalist!

A lack of commercial stores and other annoyances of city life make this beach a truly natural experience. However, there are still public restrooms, let’s not get to into nature. 

Apollo Nude Beach

The close sister beach to Playalinda, Apollo is located on the same stretch of land on the Canaveral National Seashore. Expect the same welcoming community and seclusion you’ll find on Playalinda.

This beach simply offers an alternative location based on your preference for a nude beach or if the other is too crowded. 

Geiger Key Abandoned Beach

Located in Key West, Boca Chica is a great beach if you’re already partaking in the nightlife and fun of the surrounding city. Some people can’t stand dirty beach water either, which makes this the perfect one to visit as it’s waters are crystal clear! Despite it being an abandoned beach, it still has plenty of foot traffic!

Most of the beach is not accessible via car and if you want to explore, you’ll have to stroll down the beach on foot. 

Blind Creek Beach

Located in Fort Pierce, Blind Creek Beach is a nude beach to visit if you want to keep to yourself while lounging around in your birthday suit. It’s a common nude beach, so how crowded it is can be fairly random. But, everyone is just there to relax and minds there own. 

NOTE: Loggerhead turtles nest around this beach, so beware where you decide to setup for sunbathing!

bunche beach preserve
Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Bunche Beach Preserve

Bunche Beach offers a ton of activities in addition to nude sunbathing. One of the infamous activities for this beach is kayaking as it’s close to a few creeks that allow easy water exploration. It’s also a great place for avid bird watchers, regardless of whether you’re on the beach or kayaking through the creek.

While there is a ton of wildlife to see at Bunche Beach, one of the most common desire for visitors is to see are the migratory white pelicans. A beautiful animal, a beautiful beach, and a beautiful time to be had makes this one of my favorite recommendations. 

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Unlike other nude beaches on this list, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is located on a lake beach. That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a phenomenal beach to get your full body tan at, you’ll just be missing the salt smell in the air. 

In addition to full body sunbathing, the resort houses a spa to get that full pampered treatment. Cypress Cove has other amenities you’d find at a resort such as a hotel, pool, hot tub, tennis, and even allows pets!

Rooftop Resort

Situated between Miami and Ft Lauderdale, this hotel and resort is perfect if you want a clothing optional beach and hotel to stay at. The beach and poolside aren’t the only clothing optional areas though, the entire estate is fair game to go all natural. 

I’d recommend this resort if you’re looking for a party mixed with the option for some beach relaxation. With neon lighting filling many rooms in the hotel and a night-club style vibe, this resort is for the more adventurous.

South Beach Miami

South Beach is notorious for topless sunbathing as it’s allowed all over the beach. Because it’s South Beach, expect it to be crowded! So, if you’re shy, I would opt for visiting one of the more secluded beaches on this list. 

Port Saint Lucie
Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Port Saint Lucie

This beach is last on the list because it hasn’t necessarily been declared a nude beach. Despite this, locals have designated specific areas as clothing optional due to their seclusion. But be warned, this is not an officially legal nude beach as it hasn’t been declared so by local government! Go nude at Port Saint Lucie at your own risk!

Other Clothing Optional Beaches

If there is a beach we missed or some information regarding one of the beaches above that needs updating, please comment below! I’m almost certain there are more nude areas scattered throughout the Florida coastline. 

Also, if you’re in Florida, considering visiting some of these amazing places in Georgia for your trip!


Best Boonie Hats

Best Boonie Hats

Best Boonie Hats on the Market – Buyers Guide 2021

The origin of the boonie hat can be hard to pinpoint. You could go back over 100 years to when they were called “bucket hats” and were made of wool in a shape resembling modern boonie hats. 

Eventually, these convenient hats were adopted by the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. The hats were issued with a wide brim encircling the entire hat. There were slight variations made to the hats over the years, some adding branch loops to allow attaching foliage to.

Commonly referred to as the “Daisy Mae” hat, these denim and herringbone twill hats would become the boonie hats that we know today. 

The boonie hat or bush hat, was a vital piece of equipment for protecting the wearer from the hot sun and rain while working outdoors. This was noticed by many outdoorsmen in the 1980’s and was even popularized further when Crocodile Dundee wore one in his movies. 

Something as simple as a hat doesn’t just become popular without reason, these are amazing for hiking and camping! I have two I picked up in Israel that I now carry everywhere with me on outdoor trips!

The type of bush hat you get will depend on preference and the uses, so let’s get to recommending the options for the best boonie hat to fit any need!

Comparison of 10 Best Boonie Hats in 2021

Best Boonie Hats

1. Tough Headwear Boonie Sun Hat Review

Whether you’re camping or hiking, spending all day outdoors will expose you to a plethora of different weather conditions, a hot sun and heavy rain being two concerns. Because of this, you need a quality piece of headgear to protect you from the elements!

The best starter for an all around bush hat is Tough Headwear’s Boonie Sun Hat. A very affordable sun hat made of nylon with an adjustable drawstring to keep it firmly on your head.

Because of the way this boonie hat is constructed, it also crushes flat with ease, making it easy to store for when you’re not using it.

So if you plan on hiking, fishing, camping, or any other outdoor activity, this hat is the best starting point for keeping the sun off your neck without carrying around a bulky hat. 


  • Adjustable sizing strap
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible
  • Sun protection – UPF 50+


  • No ventilation holes

2. Calamus Boonie Sun Hat Review

calamus boonie hat

A great hat for fishing or even golf, the Calamus Boonie Sun Hat is a great choice for outdoor hobbyists. Rated for UPF 50, this sun hat will be a life saver when the sun is being relenting. 

This hat comes with an adjustable strap to ensure a comfortable fit when you’re out on the trail and will stop the wind from blowing it off your head! An added feature is the breathable mesh venting, making it easier to keep your head cool. 

Even if it’s an incredibly hot day and some sweat starts to fall, the headband for this boonie hat is moisture wicking. This way even during the hottest days, sweat won’t go staining the inside of the hat.


  • Adjustable sizing strap
  • Mesh venting
  • Moisture wicking headband
  • Sun protection – UPF 50+


  • Some people claim a strange fit

3. Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero Review

best bush hat

A great bonnie hat specializing in heavy downpours, this hat offers amazing waterproof nylon protection with a bent brim that leads water away from your head. 

This hat also comes with an adjustable drawstring to help it stay firmly attached. Because it’s made to be one of the best waterproof options, this hat would go great for not just hiking and camping, but also kayaking, boating, and fishing!

Easily foldable and a lightweight 2.9 ounces, the Seattle Sombrero is a perfect option if you expect to do some trekking during a rainy day. 


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Nylon and extremely waterproof
  • Brim keeps water away from your head


  • No ventilation

4. Columbia Unisex Adult Bora Bora Booney Review

bora bora boonie hat

An option for climates where you don’t know whether it’s going to be sunny or rainy. Sometimes the weather is just that unpredictable and you have to be prepared regardless.

Having a hat to protect against changing weather conditions becomes super important when camping in places like this. 

The Bora Bora Boonie is the perfect option for those unpredictable changes in weather. Another great example is if you’re an avid fisherman, sometimes you want to fish during the rain as they may be more active. In that case, this hat is still a great choice!

The Bora Bora Boonie is made from water-resistant nylon and offers protection from the sun as well. Like other boonies, this hat has an adjustable drawstring to keep in firmly in place.

During the times it isn’t raining outside, there are breathable vents to help keep you cool on the warmer days. 


  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Nylon and extremely waterproof
  • Designed to dry quickly


  • Brim is too floppy

5. Tekma Sport Boonie Hat Review

tekma boonie hat

A lightweight and breathable Sport Boonie, this head was made to keep your head cool during the hottest days. Every boonie hat has different specifications and what it may be best for, this Tekma hat is great for hunting or fishing in hot and arid climates. 

This bad boy is flexible and easily foldable for easy carrying. It will also retain it’s shape, so don’t be concerned about shoving it in a pocket for a hike, it’ll come out looking no different than when you put it in. 

Another great aspect of the Tekma Boonie Hat are the foliage rings around the top of the hat.

These can be used to attach extra pieces of foliage for camouflage when hunting or a place to keep lures and hooks when fishing (be careful putting sharp objects on it though).


  • Vent holes for breathability
  • Wide brim fully covers face and neck
  • Includes foliage rings to attach items to
  • Has snaps on each side to fold


  • Not adjustable
  • Loose fit for some people

6. GLORYFIRE Tactical Boonie Hat Review

tactical boonie hat

A 100% cotton and lightweight boonie hat that comes in a plain black or woodland camo. While this is further down the list, it’s probably the best all around fishing and hunting boonie.

It has breathable vent holes, loops around the outside for additional camo or securing items, and even comes with a small map pocket inside the hat. 

This bush hat also comes with an adjustable strap and one size fits most! That being said, I would still check that the dimensions match a size you’re aiming to find.


  • Vent holes for breathability
  • Includes foliage rings to attach items to
  • Map pocket inside the hat
  • Adjustable strap


  • Some people aren’t fans of cotton boonie hats

7. Outdoor Summer Bush Hat Review

outdoor summer bush hat

Another great booney hat option that’s great for women or men! Blocking out 98% of harmful ultraviolet rays, expect to keep your face and neck sunburn free.

The hat comes with vent holes but the fabric itself acts as a breathable material. That being said, this hat isn’t the best for rainy days and is made to keep you cool, not dry. 

This summer bush hat also comes with snap-able button closures on the sides. Overall a great boonie for hiking, biking, hunting, or even barbecuing on a hot day. 


  • Vent holes for breathability
  • Camouflage
  • Adjustable strap
  • Snap-able button closure


  • Not the best at keeping you dry when it rains

8. Bassdash Fishing Hat Review

bassdash hat review

A hat made for those long days on the lake fishing! The Bassdash comes with a generous amount of neck protection with an additional cloth the stretches down the back of the hat, covering the entire neck.

The hat itself is 100% nylon with a polyester lining, making it great water and stain resistant.

Additionally, there is an adjustable strap to fit most sizes. Like most boonie hats, it comes with a chin strap to ensure it stays in place when you’re cruising along in a boat as well.


  • Mesh top for breathability
  • Neck drape for additional sun coverage
  • Adjustable strap
  • Adjustable sizing around the head


  • Easy to store but not as compact as other hats

9. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Outback Hat Review

dorfman pacific outback hat review

The Dorfman is exactly what you expect to see when someone says it’s an “Outback Hat”. A combination of 52% cotton to breathe and 48% polyester to remain durable, the Dorfman Booney Hat is a great option for the casual camper or hiker. Despite being 52% cotton, this hat also provides decent resistance against rain and wet weather conditions. 

There is also a lining on the inner rim of the hat that helps absorb sweat on those extra hot days and it’s rated UPF 50+, making it a great summer hat overall.


  • Vent holes for breathability and drying
  • Cotton and polyester – breathable and sturdy
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • Hat sizes run slightly larger than labeled

10. Rothco Camo Boonie Hat For Fishing

Rothco Boonie Hat For Fishing

Like the best boonie hats origin from the Vietnam War, this hat is a reminder of that original. A camo boonie hat that comes in a variety of camouflage patterns, this is easily the best military boonie hat you’ll find. 

It’s simple and covers all exposed areas of your face from the sun. On top of that, this military hat has vent holes for breathability and fast drying, is easily foldable for fast storage, and is a 45/55 mixture of cotton to polyester. This combo is the perfect mixture to maintaining a cool temperature but being durable. 


  • Straps for extra items
  • Cotton and polyester – breathable and sturdy
  • Adjustable chin strap


  • Tight fitting

Final Thoughts

Not every hat will fit every head, but if you’re looking for a hiking or fishing hat, there is a boonie hat out there for you. Some have specific parts that make them better for certain activities, it just takes a little research to find the best boonie hat for you. I hope this guide helped!

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links and supports the website owner when purchases are made through those links. Additionally, all product images are pulled from Amazon or their respective retailers. 

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Camping For Beginners

camping for beginners

A Beginner’s Guide to Camping

You’ve been cooped up inside quarantining for who knows how long and just want to have an outside adventure! Camping is a great way to destress and whether you’re looking for a relaxing weekend in the woods or an adrenaline-rush rafting down the rapids, you can find it while camping! 

It may take some time to adjust if it’s your first time camping, but give it a go and take it slow, and with these simple tips you’ll be prepared for camping in no time!

Best Type of Camping for Beginners

There are different types of camping and which one you choose for your first camping trip can be a determining factor in how well it goes. One type of camping isn’t better than another, but your preferences will determine which one you find more enjoyable. 

types of camping

So what are the different types of camping?

  1. Cabin Camping
  2. Tent Camping
  3. RV Camping
  4. Glamping

Cabin camping will be more comfortable and warming (obviously you’re in a cozy cabin)! Depending on the climate you’re camping in, this may be the best option to avoid freezing in a tent. There is more to finding a decent cabin than just picking one though.

Some cabins will have full furnishings, great amenities, and possibly even food (not usual, but happens). Alternatively, some cabins will have a bed and maybe running water, not every cabin will be a luxurious getaway so check reviews in advance. 

Tent camping consists of setting up a tent that come in varying sizes, some you can squeeze one person in, while some fit up to 10 people that you can walk around in. The tent you pick will ultimately come down to budget and purpose.

There’s no need to spend thousands on a tent for just two people to sleep in at night. But a family outing will require a sizeable tent. Another important factor is the climate of where you’ll be camping. If the average temperature for that time of the year is 10F, a tent will only act as a windbreaker and you’ll still shiver at night. 

So while there are sleeping bags and other ways to stay warm in a tent, don’t put faith in it keeping you warm and only camp in a tent if you’re comfortable in the climate. 

RV Camping is the more costly option for camping, but way more comfortable. These are a great option for families who love to travel often. Also, one of the best parts of RV camping is that even in bad weather it’s easy to stay warm and cozy.

Glamping is the final option on our list and is a slightly more luxurious version of camping. There are a plenty of places that specialize in glamping, but you’ll have to check ahead to see if your intended destination has such accommodations. 

Camping Safety!

Camping is meant to be fun and relaxing, but you have to be responsible and safe! There’s nothing worse than a great camping trip being ruined by someone not paying attention or not properly preparing. 

A few safety tips to consider when planning your camping trip are:

  1. Weather
  2. Emergency Items
  3. Campfire safety
  4. Insect protection
  5. Allergies
  6. Skin protection
  7. Hydration
  8. Packing and storing food 
  9. Wildlife


One of the first things you should check before any camping trip is the weather! What you bring with you or if you even go at all, will all come down to how hot/cold and wet/dry it will be at the campsite. Depending on the weather, you may even have to stay cool during the cold nights and need to know how to insulate a tent!

*Be sure to look for different camping checklists depending on the time of year or the biome you’ll be in.*

Emergency Camping Items

These are the things you bring with you incase of an emergency. This list doesn’t have to be extensive and will depend on what kind of camping you’ll be doing. 

If you’re camping in a tent out in the wilderness, you’ll need some form of emergency communication like a radio or satellite phone. Additionally, a small first-aid kit is a must for just about any camping trip. You might not always need it, but having a kit to stop even the smallest scratches from getting infected comes in handy. 

This is a nice list to look over for items you may need. 

marshmallow campfire

Campfire Safety

Not every camping trip needs a campfire, but who doesn’t love a crackling fire at night to roast a few marshmallows on?

Having a campfire is great, but it should be treated with respect and caution. Learn how to light and maintain a fire as well as contain it! At the end of the night, when everyone is going to sleep, properly extinguish the campfire to avoid any possible embers floating around and starting unwanted wildfires. 

Insect Protection

The outdoors is filled with many unpleasantries, the worst is mosquitos or any other bug that buzzes in my ear. There are also some health concerns depending on where you are in the world, but if you’re camping in most places in North America, simply bringing some insect repellent is all you need to keep those pesky critters at bay. 

Camping with Allergies

Camping with allergies will be incredibly annoying and ruin the fun! Obviously this safety precaution depends entirely on you and what allergies you have. If you aren’t aware, getting an allergy test is very simply and will let you know what medications you might need to keep you safe during your camping trip. 

For example, I have a horrible pollen allergy and carry some medication to stop my nose from running constantly when I’m out camping. 

Skin Protection

The sun brings so much life to our planet, but man does it burn (pun intended). I’ve had numerous hikes go south quick after underestimating how quick I can get a sunburn, even in cool weather. Even if you don’t feel it beating down, prolonged sun exposure will hurt and leave you with a sunburn given enough time. 

My two biggest recommendations are to wear sunscreen and cover as many open areas of skin with clothing! If you plan on camping during the summer, a nice boonie hat and some thin clothing will do just fine.

stay hydrated

Staying Hydrated

One of the highest priorities we had in the military was to constantly stay hydrated. You don’t drink when you’re thirsty, you drink consistently throughout the day depending on your activity level. If you’re feeling thirsty, then you’re already becoming dehydrated!

Make sure you bring at least 3-5 days of water as an emergency!

Check out these tips to help determine how hydrated you are!

Packing and Storing Food

It might not seem like a safety precaution, but it won’t be a very enjoyable trip if all of your food spoils or a racoon steals it! Properly storing your food for prolonged camping trips is just as important as staying hydrated.

So make sure you research the proper camping food storage for the kind of meals you plan to eat!


Another precaution that depends on where your camping is the kinds of wildlife you might come across. This requires some research on the local area and if there are any dangers to be concerned about.

I’ve been camping a ton in the U.S. and the most dangerous animal I’ve come across was a deer and seeing moose tracks. That being said, I’m still cautious everywhere I go and prepare ahead of time.

where to go camping

Picking A Camping Location

Where do you go camping?

The great outdoors is a big place full of great camping spots. However, for your first time I don’t recommend grabbing a tent and just going into the woods. The best place to start is a local campsite that may have some amenities. Jumping in head first where you try to take care of everything required for an independent camping trip can be very overwhelming and you’re likely to forget something. That’s why it’s best to make the first trip a relaxing one!

I recommend checking Hip Camp for campsites near you and pick one that suits your fancy and ask yourself the following questions. 

What time of the year am I camping? – Be aware of the climate and what to expect for the time of year you’ll be camping. This is part of the “weather awareness” and knowing the odds of rainfall, a freeze, a heatwave, etc. 

What are your camping goals? – Why are you going camping? Ask yourself what you want to gain from your trip and if it’s supposed to be a relaxing experience or do you want to have some adrenaline packed fun? This will determine what kind of activities should be adjacent to your campsite. 

What are the camping costs? – Some campsites (especially RV sites) have fees associated such as parking or other amenities. Check to make sure there aren’t any unexpected expenses. 

What is the campsite accessibility? – This is an important one if you’re traveling with family (specifically kids) or with someone who has a movement disability. There are plenty of campsites around the globe that are wheelchair friendly, so keep that in mind during your search!

Are the campgrounds pet friendly? – Not every campsite will allow pets. As nice as it is to have your pet with you, some people never clean up after their animals. Because of that, some places ban animals. So if you want to go camping with your fluffy friend, you’ll need to double check that they will be allowed at the campsite. 

essential camping gear

Essential Camping Gear for Beginners

There are some basic items you should bring on every camping trip. The rest of the items depend on the type of camping you’re doing and things you have planned to do once you get there. 

The list of items can be narrowed down to five categories:

  1. Food/Water
  2. Sleeping Gear
  3. Safety Equipment
  4. Hygiene 
  5. Extra/Comfort


This category is the first on the list for obvious reasons! Food and water are one of the most important concerns in almost any trip you’ll ever take. Make sure you have a meal plan for you and all other people depending on you for food, taking into account all the proper food storage techniques. 

On top of the food you should bring, make sure you have a list of all the cooking equipment you’ll need if you plan on making the meals at the campsite. You can cook whatever you want, but I love some nice slow cooking when I camp.

Sleeping Gear

You’ve been out hiking all day, you’re full from a great meal, and now it’s time to call it a night. Having a comfortable sleeping bag and pad is underestimated until you spend a night without one. So make sure you grab a pillow, a ground cloth, and all of the sleeping bag essentials to make your night time camping a comfy one. 

Safety Equipment

This goes back to all the safety items mentioned before! Ensure you have your first-aid kit, any medications, and every extra item to ensure your camping trip is safe. 


The smores were delicious and now you woke up with morning breath, YUCK! But that’s alright because you remembered to bring your toothbrush, toothpaste, and every other item you use on your morning routine. Note that these items include toilet paper and hand towels!


These are the extras that make life a little easier. Consider some camping chairs, your cellphone, solar battery charger, etc. Basically anything that you can live without, but decide to bring since you have extra room in your camping bag. 

what to wear camping

What to Wear Camping

Eureka camping offers a great guide for preparing what to wear when you’re going camping, so definitely check that out!

It essentially boils down to dress for the weather you’ll be in and have clothing to wear for the day and something to wear to bed. Also, make sure to be fully dry when going to sleep, one of the reasons having a separate night time outfit is necessary. 

Pack multiple outfits and twice as many socks/underwear combos, you’ll thank me later. 

Hiking boots! You’ll spend a lot of time on your feet if you plan on exploring and hiking in the woods. Having reliable waterproof footwear are super important!

Don’t forget a nice pair of bushcraft gloves to keep your hands warm and safe!

camping food

Meal Planning for Camping

We’ve gone over the importance of food and water during your camping trip a few times. So, I won’t be beating a dead horse going to in-depth here, but I will be providing some resources to help you prep some meals for camping!

Enjoy Your First Camping Trip!

Don’t worry or stress, everyone was a first time camper at some point! The whole point is to have an enjoyable experience for yourself and anyone else who tags along.

Follow along with the tips above and you’ll no longer be a camping beginner by the end of the trip. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment below!

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17 Things To Do In Providence RI

providence capital building


*DISCLAIMER* – If you’re traveling in 2021 – be sure to check the state and local guidelines for travel requirements during COVID-19. 

Providence RI has so much to offer and is more than a simple capital city. There’s a rich history to this Ocean State city that dates back to 1636 after it’s land was originally purchased from the Narragansett Indians!

Since then, Providence has become the home of fun activities and great food, especially for the avid seafood lover. Let’s get to it and check out these 17 awesome things to do in Providence RI!

roger williams park zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo

As a lover of animals and wildlife, I can’t recommend the Roger Williams Park Zoo enough! Containing over 40 acres and 160 unique animals, it’ll take over half a day to adequately explore this zoo. Also don’t be concerned for all the critters and crawlers, the zoo is American Humane Certified!

A handy tip is to make sure you use the zoo’s website to plan your visit ahead. Depending on your timeline, it’ll help to get a map of the zoo and check out the animals you find the most satisfying (I’m a cat lover so cheetah’s and snow leopards are TOP priority). 

The Rest of Roger Williams Park!

I made this a separate paragraph since the Zoo in Roger Williams will take up most of the day. But, that doesn’t mean that this providence park shouldn’t be given plenty of time to explore. 

The park offers a list of activities to do including boating, biking, a botanical garden, and more! Basically, there’s something to do for any kind of outdoors enthusiast. 

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum of Art

Double check their availability as they are only doing virtual events due to Covid-19, but the time I visited it was amazing and I recommend touring if they’ve reopened. 

I’m a huge fan of great art and if you’re like me you’ll love it! There are numerous pieces from notable artists and even an exhibit from students of RISD.

providence water fire
Image credit:

Providence Waterfire

A scheduled event that happens only a few times a year, the Providence river has multiple fires placed right above the water. Some people kayak or boat around during the event, meanwhile music and other activities happen along the river. 

The Providence Waterfire is surprisingly relaxing despite the bustling crowd and ongoing music. Be sure to check the official website for the Waterfire schedule!

Brown University Tours

Brown University is Providence’s prestigious research university with a rich history of its own. Taking a tour of the grounds is possible and a perfect place to check out is the University’s Haffenreffer Museum of AnthropologyWhile I’m sure everyone won’t be as excited about human history as me, I still think the museum is a great addition to an itinerary. 

If Covid-19 is still an issue when you are reading this, a preliminary virtual tour can be taken of Brown as well. 

providence capital building

Rhode Island State Capital

A magnificent piece of Providence architecture, the State Capital building is definitely worth the visit. Having a beautiful interior and ceiling paintings that resemble a gothic church, this building won’t take all day and the most time intensive part is a short security check.  While a tour will have you going through all currently open areas, make sure you get to see the library as it’s the favorite room of many. 

There are virtual tours as well due to Covid-19, but if in-person is available when reading this, I’d recommend to schedule a tour soon!

Providence Performing Arts Center

A multi-use theater in the heart of Providence, the Performing Arts Center is exactly what you picture when someone describes a Victorian Era theater. Incredible decor and jaw dropping design, the theater is a sight to see in itself. However, it is still a functioning theater and your visit should be scheduled in conjunction with a show that suits your fancy! So make sure to check out their event calendar!

providence athenaeum
Image credit:

Providence Athenaeum

Formed in 1836 after a spat between the local library and Athenaeum couldn’t agree on terms to merge, so now the current Athenaeum houses works from both!

They have a wide range of books and collections, including a reading room to browse. Be sure to check their website as well for any current exhibitions or tours through the library.

Federal Hill

Spend your day perusing the local shops, grabbing a cappuccino from the local coffee shop, and ending with a pizza from one of the Italian restaurants. Federal Hill has a few notable spots, but is really a place to stroll around and take in the spirit of Providence.  

Even if you’re not a fan of coffee, grabbing and Italian meal is a must. You’ll soon realize why this section of the city is known as “little Italy”, after seeing the Italian flag colors stripped down the street and smell of Italian cuisine in the air. 

Water Place Park

The location for the prominent Waterfire, Water Place Park is great to stroll through during the day without the crowds. Filled with Venetian style bridges. Also, depending on the time of the year your go, you might find an open ice skating rink!

Benefit Street Providence

A walk through time, Benefit Street is the perfect stroll for those who are interested in historical sites. The streets are paved with cobblestone and littered with faux gas lamps to add to the old feel. 

There are also a few places to eat and shops nearby, so it’s a great place to spend the middle of the day preparing for a break.

providence beer tasting

Providence Beer Tasting!

I know some people reading this aren’t going to be big fans of beer, if so that’s fine. But, I wanted to add this in since I am a fan and there are some great local breweries in Providence that should be given a chance!

Depending on where you go, there may be events showcasing some of the brewery’s best and tastiest beer. If not, some offer small samplers so you don’t have to purchase an entire pint just to take a sip. Two examples of brewery places to check out are Revival Brewing Company and Trinity Brewhouse!

Those aren’t the only two breweries in Providence, but are a great starting place, especially if you’re looking for places that also serve food or are at least near restaurants.  

Thayer Street Providence

A common spot for the local students of Brown University, Thayer street has a lot to offer for food, shopping, and general sightseeing. It’s a great place to stroll through and get a feel for what day to day life in Providence is like. 

Check the Thayer Street Calendar before going to see if there are any events going on during your visit!

Providence Night Life

There is always something going on in Providence and that includes the night time. Numerous bars, clubs, and night-events provide plenty to keep the locals and visitors entertained. While there are places like the Colosseum for club goers, you can also choose from a variety of local pubs and even hookah bars (which are my personal nighttime favorite).

spas to visit

Spa’s in Providence

Even as a man, sometimes a day of relaxation or a massage is just nice. Obviously this isn’t a main attraction in Providence, but I strongly recommend taking a day if you’ve spent a lot of your trip exploring. I know how exhausting traveling and sightseeing can be, and taking a morning or afternoon to cool down helps.

While there are plenty of options to choose from, a few suggestions are the Evolve Apothecary & Spa or the Eliza Williams Day Spa!

The Providence Flea

Despite having “Flea” in the name, this isn’t a normal flea market. The Providence Flea showcasing local vendors and artisans looking to sell some of their works. You’ll find food trucks and musicians allowed to play unplugged, providing a surprisingly festive experience to what some may think is only a simple flea market. 

Providence River Walk

A dog friendly “hike” through the heart of Providence, the River Walk follows the Providence river, a portion of which is used for the Water Fire. This is last on the list not because it’s the least enjoyable, but because it’s easily the best to end a trip on. 

A hike with beautiful scenery and in close proximity to some of the city’s best eateries, the Providence River Walk is a great way to end your time in this beautiful city. 

Let Me Know What You Think!

Do you have any other recommendations for things to do in providence? Let me know below or if you’ve enjoyed some of these!




Slow Cooker Beef Stew Recipe

slow cooker beef stew

My favorite meals to make are any that use a slow cooker. There’s no better feeling than throwing a bunch of things in a pot, letting the amazing aroma fill up the house, then have a ready made dinner when it’s done. 

A side note about this beef stew recipe, is that it isn’t made to be very thick like some beef stews. If you want it to be a little thicker, that’s nothing a little cornstarch can change!

slow cooker beef stew

Slow Cooker Beef Stew

A tasty beef stew that takes little effort to make!
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 8 hrs 30 mins
Total Time 8 hrs 50 mins
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 8
Calories 550 kcal


  • 2 lbs Beef stew meat (chopped into 1 inch cubes)
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 lb Russet Potatoes (chopped into 1 inch cubes)
  • 2-4 Carrots (chopped)
  • 3/4 Onion (diced)
  • 3 cloves Garlic
  • 3 cups Beef Broth
  • 2 tbsps Tomato Paste
  • 2 tbsps Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 tsp Rosemary
  • 1 tsp Thyme
  • 1 tsp Paprika
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 1/4 cup All-Purpose Flour
  • 2 tbsps Parsley (chopped)
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • In a skillet heat olive oil over medium heat.
  • Cook beef in skillet until evenly brown, adding salt and pepper to taste.
  • In slow cooker, place all ingredients left except flour and mix evenly, including the cooked beef.
  • Cover and cook on low heat for 8 hours.
  • After the 8 hours, whisk flour and 1/2 cup stew broth until evenly mixed. Add it into the slow cooker, cooking for an additional 30 minutes.
  • Serve immediately.
Keyword beef stew recipe, slow cooker beef stew