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Best Places to Eat in Cusco Peru

Best Places to Eat in Cusco

Our trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu was amazing! Aside from the headache and slight dehydration from the first day (the altitude is not your friend) everything else was awesome and we quickly acclimated.

I think what helped the most was that we found medicine at a local store specifically for altitude sickness, so remember that! The medicine in conjunction with some coca tea had us feeling fine within the day.

Thankfully we felt better, which meant finally enjoying the trip and trying some authentic Peruvian food!

Be warned though, this guide is not vegan/vegetarian friendly. There are meats mentioned in this guide! To specify, common Peruvian dishes do include Alpaca and Guinea Pig. Mind you, those aren’t the only options at the restaurants and there are plenty of other options!

Many of the places we ate were at Plaza De Armas, as it was the city center and had numerous options.

  1. Inka Grill
  2. Limbus restobar
  3. Pachapapa
  4. Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse
  5. A random restaurant at Plaza De Armas

Inka Grill

This was one of our favorite restaurants for quality. It’s not the cheapest place on the block, and sadly the portion sizes could’ve been a bit bigger, but overall, I loved it.

This was the place we decided to try Cuy (guinea pig) as well! I can’t say I’ll ever eat it again, but we tried it for the sake of the experience, and it was surprisingly delicious. Don’t worry if you’re not into trying it, Inka Grill has other selections as well that were also tasty!

Limbus Restobar

Limbus Restobar

While in Cusco, we met a group of people and all decided to go out for drinks in the evening. This was the restaurant of choice and was surprised at how potent their cocktails were. On top of great drinks, they had a delicious Tex Burger and local Peruvian delights.

I highly recommend getting a reservation for the evening though, as it gets crowded and overlooks the city, making it a top choice for everyone.


Pachapapa has a nice selection of different dishes to try and all are reasonably priced. My personal preference, if you are planning on trying Alpaca while you’re in Cusco, then Pachapapa’s signature dish is a marinated alpaca brochette with assorted potatoes and delicious Andean cheese! It’s also a great place to try the Crema Volteada, a Peruvian flan!

Uchu Peruvian Steakhouse

Peruvian Steaks Cusco

This place has some of the best meat dishes in Peru! I recommend getting the lamb and fries, but all their dishes looked delectable. Even though it’s a steakhouse, there are vegan/vegetarian options as well. They really cater to anyone’s taste, even having gluten free options.

A Random Restaurant at Plaza de Armas

Cusco City Center

I know, this is a restaurant. But while we were in Cusco, we tried 95% of the restaurants in the city center and were never disappointed.

Every night and some afternoons, we walked around the center and let the people outside pitch their menu to us and tried a new one every time. That’s why I recommend doing the same, support the local restaurants and give them a shot!

As a hint, look for one that has the upstairs open in the evening, that way you can overlook Plaza de Armas as you enjoy your meal and a cool Pisco Sour!

If you have any other suggestions for places to eat in Cusco, please leave them below! Also, if you want to share this post, please feel free to use the image below!


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What to Eat in Prague – [CZECH’S FOOD GUIDE]

What to Eat in Prague

What to eat in Prague?

Prague (Praha) is a city with rich history, great architecture, and amazing food!

The dishes I had while I was there weren’t the normal European meals I was accustomed to and had a slightly different take depending on the restaurant we went to. That’s just the food though, the beer was a whole other story that left my taste buds in heaven.

So, what were these awesome meals and what should you eat when you go to Prague?

The answer is obviously going to depend on taste and dietary restrictions. This guide is going to focus on a variety but try and stay towards Czech specialties that we came across.

What makes Czech Cuisine?

Czech cuisine goose

Some of you may be thinking, “It’s just meat or vegtables that’s been cooked? It can’t be that different form other European foods!”.

Well, let me get you your first-class ticket on the train of wrongness! While Czech dishes have a strong foundation in European cuisine, they aren’t the same and bring a blend of Eastern and Western Europe food into one place.

The food is also not known for being light and small. The meals will be jam packed full of carbs and will most likely need to be washed down with a thick Czech beer!

What food should I look for in Prague?

Goulash soup

As mentioned earlier, the list is extensive! Prague has a lot to offer and numerous tastes that will light up or taste buds. But here are the best traditional Czech food and dishes!

Czech Soups!

Potato Soup Prague

Czech meals often start with a soup and they have some decent variety when it comes to them.

Some common soups you’ll come across are the Chicken Noodle, Potato, and Garlic Soups. All of them are delicious and unless you have a taste for it, I would steer clear of the Sauerkraut soup.

Czech Meals

Czech Sausage

The Czech Republic isn’t a new place, so of course they have accumulated a number of main dishes. To make it easier to read, they’ll be listed out below.

  1. Beef Goulash with Dumplings – A thick and hearty beef stew (a personal favorite) with dumplings (knedlíky)!
  2. Roasted Pork with Sauerkraut – Nothing exotic about roasted pork, but the people of Czech have a special way of preparing it that I can’t mimic. While this dish is served with Sauerkraut, it is common to also see it with Dumplings instead.
  3. Beef Sirloin (Svíčková) with Dumplings – This is usually served with a vegetable cream sauce and may come with whipped cream! Not the usual combination I know, but surprisingly delicious!
  4. Pork Schnitzel and Potatos
  5. Roasted Duck with Sauerkraut and Dumplings
  6. Czech Sausage (klobásy) – If you’ve ever been to Germany then this is similar to what you’ll see there. All over the city will have sausage stands that are ready to serve a delicious Czech snack that will be very welcomed!

If you haven’t noticed, dumplings are fairly popular and aren’t the same ones you might be used to if you’re from the U.S. They are still bread, but it’s not the same type and aren’t meant to have butter added to them. While different, they were one of my favorite food items I had in Prague and highly recommend them to anyone traveling there!

Czech Beer!

Czech beer Prague

Beer in Prague is like no other I’ve had. I remember reading the first menu at a local restaurant and seeing “Blueberry beer”, it sounded out of place which immediately triggered my interest. Imagine my surprise when I took my first sip and the delicious taste of blueberries filled my taste buds.

The Czech people have a way of brewing great beer and while I had a few that I preferred, I think it’s best to try whatever the locals suggest while you’re there!

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Restaurants in Prague



Londons Top Attractions

London is a beautiful city with a rich history! Linn and I spent around a week here (it was my second trip though), and it still didn’t seem long enough to experience everything we wanted to. After the trip, I started thinking “what are the must see places for tourists in London?” and figured it might be helpful to give the prices as well!

Don’t feel bad if you only have a short time to spend in London though, there are convenient short term itineraries that break down the best things to see!

So here’s a quick breakdown of London’s Top Attractions and the price of admission for an adult to enter/see the site. Mind you, the price for children and or younger adults will usually be cheaper, as well as discounts for elderly.

Price Guide to Londons Attractions

If you have any suggestions for a change or just appreciate the post, please leave a comment below! Make sure to check out our other travel tips!

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BEST Places to Eat in Honolulu Hawaii

Best Places to Eat in Honolulu

What are the Best Places to Eat in Honolulu?

Hawaii is a great destination for relaxing or adventure. The collection of activities and things to do in Honolulu especially is surprising, since most people tend to think that it’s a small place. But oh, how people are wrong in their assumptions of Hawaii and its best city (in my opinion).

But we’re not here to talk about the wonderful list of things to do around the island, we’re here to talk about FOOD!

Honolulu has numerous restaurants to fit your taste, no matter what it is. This short list won’t encompass the most variety, but it will have the best of the best for truly tasting the Hawaiian culture!

Aloha Steak House

aloha steakhouse

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner, Aloha Steak House is a great place for any meat lover. Offering savory steak, shrimp, and classic Hawaiian dishes will excite just about anyone regardless of preference.

If you decide to partake in their delicious steak, they serve it on a bed of rice or on a salad (bed of greens), both go great with their Maui sauce! The menu is limited to just large portions of meat and seafood though, if you’re traveling with kids then they’ll also be well taken care of with a delectable dining experience.

Earl Kaka’ako

Earl Kakaako

An amazing sandwich shop on 11th ave, Earl’s offers a variety of quick bites and teas. This isn’t going to be some fancy place you have your 10th wedding anniversary at, but it’s good for fast food that doesn’t have a fast food taste, quality with speed.

Real Gastropub

Real Gastropub Honolulu

Craft beer and a wide selection of food, the Real Gastropub is a great dining spot to spend the evening, just relaxing and munching on chicken wings.

I’m personally a burger fan, so the Bent Tail Burger would be my go-to. But if you’re looking for seafood or even smaller bites, they have plenty of options to choose from!

Helena’s Hawaiian Food 

Helenas Hawaiin Food

Originally opening in the late 1940’s, Helena’s Hawaiian Food has collected numerous awards and the heart of the locals as a must try. Now run by Helena’s grandson, the restaurant remains a staple of Hawaiian cuisine!

Thyda’s Tacos

Thyda's Tacos

Thyda’s is a small taco shop on Queen st serving tacos, quesadilla’s, and rice bowls.

They have a small menu and to me that’s preferred. A restaurant serving everything may be good, but a restaurant that specializes tends to be great! So if you’re looking for a quick lunch that won’t cost a fortune, I highly recommend Thyda’s.

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Best Places to Eat in Honolulu


Visiting Highline 179 – Reutte Austria

Castle at Highline 179

We stumbled onto Highline 179 on accident during a trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. We were driving from a place in Germany already, but the highway just happens to cut through Austria, and thankfully it did.

On passing, we looked up what the bridge was and to our surprise, it was the worlds longest Tibetan style suspension bridge in the world! So of course, we decided to stop by the bridge on our way back.

Highline 179 Austria

Originally, we only planned to walk across the bridge and see if the sight was worth the hike (it was). But to our surprise, at the top there was the Ehrenburg Ruins and Fort Claudia! Each comes with it’s own interesting history that you can learn about at the site and are worth taking the time to see.

If you have other plans in the area and aren’t just driving through, there are hotels in Reutte to stay at if you plan on spending a lot of time at the bridge.

How to get to Highline 179, Reutte Austria

So how do you get there? The easiest is to drive as there isn’t exactly trains that stop directly by. But there are trains that run to Reutte and a bus can be taken to the entrance below the bridge. It’s opened every day from 8am to 10pm, but I recommend going early in the morning to avoid foot traffic.

Hiking up to the bridge

There is a short hike up the hillside to get to the bridge entrance and you’ll see the Ehrenburg castle as you reach the top. We took some time to walk around and take in the Austrian air, especially since we wanted to relax and take it slow.

There are clear signs to get around and after exploring the castle for a little, so don’t worry about not finding your way around.

So then was the time, we put the tickets we got into the turnstile and made our way to walk across the bridge. Linn was having a ball and seemed to enjoy every step across the bridge. I on the other hand, wasn’t the biggest fan of heights and found myself gripping the siderail a little too hard. At the end off it I’m glad I did it though because it was exhilarating since you can see through the bridge as you cross!

Bridge at Highline 179

Time of year

The best time to go is really only dependent on the kind of view you want and gear you plan to have. If you have warm clothing and want less people to be on the bridge with you, winter may be a good time to collect some nice views of snow-capped mountains and hills. If you want sunshine, then obviously spring or summer is the best time to visit. Regardless, Highline 179 is open 365 days a year, so it’s easy to fit it into your travel schedule.

Us at Highline 179

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Highline 179 Promo

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A PERFECT Dat at Callaway Gardens – Pine Mountain GA

A Day at Callaway Gardens

Visiting Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain Georgia

As a native Georgian, I’ve been able to make it to Callaway Gardens for every season and see the plethora of fun they have to offer. If you’re an outdoors person that loves experiencing nature, then it’s definitely worth the visit!

You can go hiking, biking, golfing, fishing, and so much more in the summer, or take in the awesome sight of seeing numerous hot air balloons take flight in their annual hot air balloon festival. Maybe you don’t make it to Callaway in the summer but still want to see the area?

They are still open and if you come during the right time in winter, you can see their Fantasy In Lights, a Christmas light decoration trail through their park.

My recent trip to Callaway Gardens

The most recent trip I took to Callaway Gardens was with Linn and although it was overcast, it was still an awesome day! We started by hiking through the Azalea Gardens (or Azalea Bowl) and just trying to relax and take in nature. There is a lot to walk around and see besides just the Azalea Garden and the path we took led us right to the butterfly center.

Callaway Butterfly Garden

Upon entering the center, you’re shown displays of the numerous types of butterflies they have. We of course made a beeline straight for the butterfly room and were greeted by quite a few fluttering around us. Even as a full-grown man and army veteran, I still felt like a Disney princess walking through there.

I personally love experiencing nature and the different kinds of life on this planet, so I really enjoyed it.

Callaway Gardens Christmas Lights

Callaway Fantasy in Lights

My most memorable trip to Callaway Gardens was as a kid and taking a drive through the Christmas lights on display through the whole area. This was a long time ago and it’s only improved since then!

The staff setup an entire road filled with different decorations, hanging lights from the trees, and making the area look like a Tim Allen Christmas movie. So, speaking from the point of view of a kid, this was something I absolutely loved and recommend other parents to share with their children.

Staying at Callaway Gardens

There’s a lot to see and plenty to do at Callaway, so I’m sure plenty of visitors want the option to stay the night nearby.

If you want to stay really close and never even leave Callaway Gardens, then you can always rent one of the cabins they have on site. The cottages offered are really nice and if you don’t have a budget, they offer villas as well.

Personally, I’m a budget traveler and would sleep in a hammock provided bugs won’t eat me. So, if you’re like me, there are cheap hotel options nearby as well. (link search for hotels near callaway gardens.

Callway Gardens in a nutshell

I haven’t gone fishing or golfing at Callaway, so I can’t offer a personal review. But having lived in the area for 18 years, I never heard a bad review from the locals.

Overall, I don’t think I’ve heard a bad thing about Callaway Gardens from anyone that’s ever gone. That’s why I highly recommend going for anyone, as a couple, family with kids, or just someone that loves the outdoors. Callaway Gardens has plenty to do and see and will not disappoint! Also be sure to check out other things to do in Georgia!

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1 Day at Callaway Gardens



Best Escape Rooms in Berlin Germany

Best Escape Rooms Berlin

Escape rooms and exit games are one of our favorite activities to do and especially if we’re traveling with friends. We have plenty of evenings spent grabbing drinks at a local Irish pub or sightseeing, but there’s nothing quite like a tense situation and puzzle solving for an eventful night!

Thankfully, Berlin has plenty of options for exit rooms with numerous themes of varying quality. Because there are so many options, we listed a few of the best to help you figure out the best escape room for you in Berlin!

What is an escape game?

What is an escape game?

If you want to skip ahead to the list, it’s just below. However, we wanted to give a quick preview of what to expect at an escape room in case you’re new to one or might be a little nervous. The essential idea of an escape room is right in the name, to escape the room.

Don’t fret though, you aren’t trapped in there eternally until you find a way out. All escape rooms are monitored in case you panic and want to exit immediately and most even provide hints if the observers notice you’re struggling. At the end of the day it’s meant to be fun, and it’s no fun being stuck in a room and getting nowhere.

The puzzles are usually multiple steps, so one of the steps may be difficult while the others may be right up your alley! So, don’t stress over not solving something either, Linn and I had to get quite a few hints during our numerous trips to escape games.

Best Escape Games in Berlin

Best Escape Games in Berlin!

On to our list of the best escape rooms in Berlin! The order is random, as sorting from best to worst is pretty subjective and based on personal interest. But I’m certain one on the list will meet what you’re looking for and be sure to check out each location’s other rooms as there are plenty of options!


All prices listed will start with the lowest. But be aware that the cheapest prices are listed for the largest groups (the more people the cheaper). So, the fewer the people, the more per person it will cost.

The Room – Beast of Berlin

Beast of Berlin

Photo Credit

Price: Starting at €25 

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

The year is 1924 and a serial killer, “The Beast of Berlin”, is on the loose! The inspector searching for the killer has the idea that maybe the murderer is someone on his own team. He enlists your help to search the suspects office for proof of his heinous crimes!

This is a great puzzle room with an entrancing story! The exit room doesn’t have any scare actors or full darkness, so if you’re a bit timid then there’s no need to worry. The Room does recommend not bringing in children under the age of 14 as it is still “creepy and bloody”

Escape Berlin – Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Berlin Escape Room

Price: Starting at €19

Players: 2-8

Time limit: 60 minutes

Any fans of Sherlock Holmes out there? If you’re like me and have read all the books and visited 221b in London, then you’ll probably want to do this exit room! The mission here is that Sherlock Holmes nemesis Professor Moriarty, has returned and now Sherlock has gone missing! By permission of Scotland Yard, you’ve been given access to the freelance detective’s home and need to ascertain his fate.

The room is set in a Victorian era atmosphere and gives a true feeling of being inside the home of the famed Sherlock Holmes. The puzzles themselves follow with the theme of the room and are treat to try and solve.

Outopia – Vault 13

Price: Starting at €18 

Players: 2-5

Time limit: 60 minutes

Any Fallout fans in the audience? Vault 13 takes place in a fallout shelter after surviving a nuclear war by hiding underground. I don’t want to ruin to much of the story behind it, but the main goal is to escape the bunker after spending generations underground. There is an interesting twist that makes the puzzle pretty fun to solve that I’ll save for you to find out!

The Room – Lost Treasure

Lost Treasure Berlin

Photo Credit

Price: Starting at €25

Players: 2-5

Time limit: 75 minutes

Fan of Indiana Jones? Ever dream of being an archaeologist and making a grand discovery? Then this puzzle was made for you! Find your way through a passage to possible treasures and underground secrets. Not recommended for people who are afraid of dark places or anyone with knee or back pains (per the company running the room). It’s also not advised to wear shorts or skirts.

Mission Accepted – Space Escape

Space Escape Berlin

Photo Credit

Price: Starting at €21

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

As a lover of sci-fi and space adventures, this is a perfect puzzle to enjoy both! The plot of the puzzle is similar to Armageddon, an asteroid is racing towards Earth and it’s your job to blow it up. The puzzle consists of finding what the buttons and knobs do to operate the spaceship.

Illuminati Escape – Alien Grill

Alien Grill Illuminati Escape

Photo Credit

Price: low as €21.5 

Players: 2-6

Time limit:  60 minutes

Another puzzle for the sci-fi fan in you, Alien Grill is unsurprisingly about Area 51. Taking place in a small diner located in the Nevada desert, it’s your job to explain some of the strange occurrences happening in the area.

Labyrintoom – Leonardo Da Vincis Cabinet

Leondardo Da Vincis Cabin

Photo Credit

Price: Starting at €19

Players: 2-6

Time limit: 60 minutes

Who hasn’t heard of Leonardo Da Vinci? Well in this inspired escape game, he’s left behind clues to solve with a handsome reward at the end. The room is designed with his interests and experience in mind, setting you into the mind of the artist/inventor.


There is a plethora of history to see and fun things to do in Berlin. As much as I hope you try one of the escape rooms, please check out the rest of the city and what it has to offer! If there are any escape rooms you have reviews of, or better ones, please comment below! Also be sure to check out some outdoor things to do in Germany like going to the top of their largest mountain, Zugspitze!

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Exit Games Berlin

Best Escape Rooms in Berlin

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5 BEST Museums in Washington DC

Best Museums in Washington DC

There’s a long list of things to do in Washington DC. Honestly, there’s quite a list of museums to see in DC as well. But I wanted to narrow it down to my top 5 museums to make the decision for you easier. So, let’s get to it, the 5 best museums in Washington DC!

National Air and Space Museum

national air and space museum

Cost: FREE

Website: National Air and Space Museum

This is the first on the list for a very good reason. Any lover of space, aeronautics, or science in general will absolutely fall in love with this place. What makes the museum even better is that admission is free, just be sure to get there in the morning before a line builds up!

They offer numerous exhibitions and I would plan to be here for a few hours as it’s not a small place. The museum is also very interactive and has plenty of attractions for kids, making it the perfect museum for a family!

While there was so much to see and do, and I loved all of it, I must recommend going on their flight simulators! It’s a great activity for two and will be sure get some smiles out of the kids.

International Spy Museum

spy museum

Cost: $24.95 per Adult

Website: Spy Museum

The Spy Museum was an accidental visit for me, we just happen to be near it while we were searching for things to do. Thankfully we decided to go because the museum was a learning experience I’m glad I didn’t miss out on.

The Spy Museum takes you through a lot of the history of spies, showing the techniques and technology used throughout time. It also has exhibits that let you hear stories from former spies and let’s you test your spy knowledge through interactive exhibits.

This place is not like most museums and while it costs, I think it’s cheap for the value you get from going.

National Museum of Natural History

National Museum of Natural History

Cost: FREE

Website: National Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is another great experience and has numerous exhibits about the natural world around us. Some of the exhibits include animal and sea life throughout history and their evolution, others (and one of my favorites) covers Egyptian history through artifacts.

Regardless of your interests, I have a feeling that this place will leave you in awe as it covers a variety of topics about the natural world.

National Museum of American History

National Museum of American History

Cost: FREE

Website: National Museum of American History

If you’re in Washington DC, then you’re in the nation’s capital where so much of the country’s history originates, why not learn about that history?

The history showcased in this museum isn’t just a lecture hall of items dedicated to one subject of history, it covers numerous areas. There are exhibits on art, military, and even domestic furnishings. That’s right, there’s an exhibit on furniture throughout American history. Don’t discount this place as a simple historical museum, there is so much to learn here and so much to experience.

American Art Museum

art history museum dc

Cost: FREE

Website: American Art Museum 

The American Art Museum is separated into two locations in Washinton DC, the SAAM and the Renwick Gallery. I recommend looking through the museums collections to decide which one you want to visit or plan to be able to visit both.

There are tons of exhibits to see at both locations and they will really be based on your personal preference of art. Having personal preferences, myself, I still like to check out all the options as there’s still a story behind every exhibit at both locations.


Those are the 5 best museums in Washington DC! While all of them are great, I listed them in the order that I would see them and hope that the list helps in deciding some things to do while you’re in DC. If not there are plenty of resources out there, even ones specifically for one day itineraries.

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5 Best museums in washington dc


[GUIDE] Visiting St. Marks Square Venice Italy

st marks basilica venice

St Marks Square is the center of Venice and a must visit site during your trip. This post is going to be relatively short and just go over a few things related to St Marks Square, what’s there, and things to look out for.

  1. Getting there
  2. History
  3. What to see
    1. St Marks Basilica
    2. Doge Palace
    3. St Marks Campanile
    4. Procuratie Vecchie
    5. Museo Correr
    6. Venice National Archaeological Museum
    7. Bridge of Sighs
  4. What to look out for

Getting to Saint Marks Square

Getting to St Marks Square is fairly simple and will depend on preference. Looking from the overhead view, it’s clear that St. Marks Square is right by the Grand Canal. So if you aren’t looking to trek through Venice and want to get there quickly, a ferry or boat can be taken to get there faster.

St Marks Square Venice Italy

If you’re like us and enjoy adventuring through the city to get there, you can also just map out a route from your hotel, Airbnb, or wherever you decide to stay in Venice.

It’s also not a large un-walkable city, we made it to most of our destinations with plenty of time to spare, and that’s with getting sidetracked constantly.

St Marks Square History

Known as the Piazza San Marco, St Mark’s Square has been around since the 9th century when it was a bit smaller.

Eventually it was expanded and became used commonly for merchants to sell goods and a city center. It is has always been surrounded by important government and other central buildings due to it being a central meeting place for the city. A lot of the history of the square is within those buildings surrounding it, so let’s get into what there is to see while you’re there!

Sites in St Marks Square

I loved every moment of being in the square and we were also there during some light flooding of the square. Nothing dangerous, just enough to look REALLY COOL at shin height and wade through.

St Marks Basilica

st marks basilica venice

A great must see and if you don’t have time to explore all sites around the square, at least go here (and Doge’s Palace).

It’s a Roman Catholic Church with amazing architecture and historical significance. Also, entrance is free but a skip the line ticket can be bought to avoid long waiting lines to get in.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re visiting the Basilica, wear non-revealing attire since it’s a catholic church and if you’re a women and your shoulders are showing, they won’t let you in. There’s also way too much history and significance to cover in a short paragraph so I encourage you to read more about it here!

Doge Palace

doge palace venice

Once a palace for the Doge’s who controlled the city of Venice, it now acts as a museum that offers exhibitions about Venice’s history and even offers special tours!

It’s not free though, you do need to purchase a ticket to enter but it’s more than worth the cost. And while visiting the Doge Palace isn’t an all-day event, do plan to spend some time in there as it’s not the quickest walk-through.

St Marks Campanile

st marks campanile

Once a lighthouse for ships entering the city, St Marks Campanile is now a viewing tower roughly 100 meters high overlooking the city of Venice. The Campanile also has a rich history despite being what would appear to be a lonely tower in the square.

It was used throughout history for several purposes and was even used by Galileo as an observatory to study the skies. Today you can ascend the tower for only 8 euros per person, which in my opinion is well worth it!

Procuratie Vecchie

This is less of an attraction to enter like the Campanile, and more of a simple sight to behold while in the square. Linn and I spent some time getting multiple pictures of the Procuratie as it’s one of Venice’s most historically significant building (well collection of buildings).

It may not have significant events attached to it, but the Procuratie Vecchie housed many of Venice’s historically notable personnel and provided offices for them. These were the buildings where decisions were made and the everyday lives of Venice’s decision makers were carried out.

Museo Correr

museo correr

On the upper floors of the Procuratie, this museum houses some of Venice’s most breathtaking art and history.

While there is a bit to take in and enjoy, visiting the Museo Correr  is not an all day endeavor, making it a perfect addition for doing a quick tour through the square.

Venice National Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is a great place if you’re a fan of history, but the museum itself is rather historic. Founded in 1523, the museum housed numerous sculptures and has since been expanded to numerous exhibits. It’s also conveniently located next to the Museo Correr, so if you wanted to make a it a back to back visit, then no problem!

Bridge of Sighs

bridge of sighs

What appears to be a simple bridge is world renowned and recognized by many and noted due to its history.

The bridge had a practical use in the 1600’s as it connected the buildings where prisoners would sleep and the building where they were given exams. Hence the name of the bridge, as prisoners would ‘sigh’ as they crossed it and caught glimpses of Venice. Truly a powerful experience to walk and explore the surrounding palace.

What to look out for in Venice

On top of the numerous sites to see and wonderful food to indulge in, there are some things to be on the lookout for while you’re walking through Venice.

To begin with, most cities with a heavy tourist focus mean plenty of foot traffic. A lot of people try to monetize on this by selling goods on the streets at discount prices or by performing. Try your best to not get pulled into anything and just walk past anyone that may seem a bit pushy. Simply be kind and decline any offers that don’t interest you.

Overall the city of Venice is very safe, and I highly encourage having a physical map of Venice to avoid possibly getting lost or turned around, as your phone service may be spotty. Aside from that, just enjoy the sites and let us know how your trip went!

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Visiting St. Marks Square

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BEST Restaurants in Newport RI

Best Restaurants in Newport RI

The Northeast has more to offer than the stereotypical “Clam Chowduh”! So, if you’re looking for seafood places in Newport, you’ll find them here, but there are also plenty of options for steakhouses and vegan! Strap in and check out these best places to eat in Newport RI!

This list will separate the restaurants into four different categories to better fit what you might be looking for if you’re struggling with where to eat in Newport RI.

  1. Steakhouses
  2. Seafood
  3. Cafes
  4. Vegan/Vegetarian

Feel free to click one of the above options to skip to your preferred section!

Newport Steakhouses

So, you’re looking for steakhouses in Newport RI? Rhode Island in general has a load of options for good quality steak, and Newport is no exception! What’s first?

Bowens Wine Bar and Grill 

Newport Bowens

A top-notch Newport Grill, Bowens is a perfect place to fill your stomach with some of the best steak and wine! If you’re strictly looking for a thick juicy steak, then the Prime New York Sirloin is the way to go and having a side of Summer Succotash will accent it perfect! Add in one of their multiple choices for Ales or Lagers and you have a meal made in heaven!

The Grill at Forty 1 North 

Grill at 41 North Newport

A dockside delight and offering a slightly higher end meal, the Forty 1 North is another great option for top tier steak! Even better, enjoy your steak in open air seating that offers beautiful views of the harbor. So, take in dinner and a view here, but make sure to reserve a table in advance as it may be busy.

Jo’s America Bistro 

Jo's American Bistro

Jo’s has a very casual feel and welcoming atmosphere. They offer steak and seafood if that’s your preference, but I suggest trying their signature “Jo’s Burger”. A simple all-natural beef burger with just lettuce and tomato, and fries on the side. Obviously, you can customize it but the way it’s cooked is why you go to Jo’s.

Seafood Places in Newport

I think it goes without saying that seafood is probably the freshest in a place like Newport. Being directly by the sea, a lot of restaurants offer the freshest seafood you’ll probably ever have. That being said, if you’re a seafood junkie, this will be a great place for you!

Flo’s Clam Shack 

Flo's Clam Shack Newport

If the name didn’t give it away, this is a supreme seafood restaurant in the heart of Newport. It’s not a huge place so don’t expect a fine dining establishment. But don’t let the size affect your judgement, Flo’s Clam Shack is a perfect place for any seafood lover and has plenty of options!

The Black Pearl  

No this isn’t Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s a tasty treat nestled away the Newport coast. This Newport restaurant has a full menu for sandwiches, grilled goods, and seafood. That variety makes this a go to place for a family dinner in Newport, as it can fit everyone’s diet and has phenomenal seafood for you!

The Red Parrot 

The Red Parrot Newport

Some of the freshest mussels and clams offered in Newport are going to come from here, the Red Parrot! Seafood lovers delight at the numerous options for lobster, oysters, shrimp, and essentially every other coastal dish. Also, while this restaurant isn’t incredibly expensive, it’s also not some fast food place. Because of their high quality be prepared to pay a little extra (and it’s worth it)!

Cafes in Newport RI

Maybe you’re not looking for a fancy place to eat and just want a calming place to relax. Newport offers many places to sit and enjoy some coffee or tea!

Belle’s Café 

Belle's Cafe Newport RI

A comfy dockside café in the near the Newport shipyard, Belle’s café offers a relaxing time inside or outside on their balcony. On top of their accommodations, Belle’s has a great selection of food and a perfect place to grab breakfast!

Salvation Café 

Salvation Cafe

The Salvation Café is the embodiment of what most people think of when they hear the word café. The aesthetics is where the familiarity ends though, as the food offered here is not the usual café treat. Having options for seafood and other coastal snacks, this café has some of the best tasting (and looking) food you’ll find.

The Corner Café 

This café has a more traditional feel and a decent sized menu for breakfast. I recommend grabbing your morning meal here and getting a nice coffee to start your day on the right foot.

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Newport RI

Don’t fret if you’re looking for vegan or vegetarian options in Newport, as there are plenty of places! Some may be vegan or vegetarian, but I’ve noticed a few are both.


Diego's Newport

Make sure that the Diego’s you look for is the restaurant on the shore of Newport Harbor, and not Diego’s Bodega further east. Diego’s has plenty of options for vegan and even some for Gluten Free. Offering vegan tacos, quesadillas, and others will fit just about any palate.


This restaurant has a specialty in vegan food and juices! There isn’t an endless amount of options but the ones available and sublime. Plus, even if you aren’t hungry, Root offers plenty of juice mixes that make a perfect refreshment.

The Mooring

The Mooring Newport

If you’re vegetarian and out dining with friends or family, The Mooring is perfect as it has a menu for you and them. The restaurant even has an amazing view of the harbor and a mesmerizing interior atmosphere. Offering tofu, salads, and even a black bean burger, you’ll certainly leave this restaurant happy.

If you have any other ideas for some of the best restaurants in Newport RI, then please leave a comment on your recommendation!