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Beef Consomme Substitute – 3 Best Options

beef consomme replacement
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What is Beef Consommé?

Beef consommé is a rich brown stock that you get from simmering roasted beef bones that has been combined with some vegetables, herbs, and spices. That stock is then turned into consommé by simmering with egg whites and lean ground meat. Doing this creates a light film that floats to the top of the broth, gathering all of the fats and food particles. What’s left is a clear liquid that is usually eaten as a soup!

There are some alterations to how it’s prepared, but that’s the gist. 

Despite being used as a soup, consommé has other uses in cooking. It’s also used to make aspic a jelly containing meat or seafood. Not the most appetizing sounding Jelly, but many people swear by it’s delicious taste and consistency. Some other uses may be as a soup side dish, dumpling pouring’s, or in casseroles. 

If you’re trying to find a beef consommé substitute, then I would suggest beef broth, beef stock, or mushroom consommé. However, if you have the time to make homemade beef consommé, I highly recommend doing that instead. 

How is Beef Consommé made?

The basic process of preparing beef consommé isn’t difficult, but time consuming. 

  1. First, prepare eggs by separating the egg whites from the yolks and whisk them, temporarily allowing them to aerate. 
  2. Mix chosen vegetables and beef with the egg whites used in the previous step. 
  3. Add in whatever seasonings you want.
  4. Simmer the stock on low heat allowing the stock to clear.
  5. Using a cheesecloth, strain the stock to obtain the cleared liquid. 

Check out this video to help make homemade beef consommé! 

Beef Consommé Replacements

The three options for beef consommé substitutions were mentioned earlier, but now here’s why.

Beef Stock

Beef stock
Beef stock replacement

Beef stock is the first option to choose as a backup if you don’t have beef consommé. It’s great as it comes in easy to purchase packs or containers if you don’t have time to prepare the ingredients yourself. If you do have the time though, there are some great beef stock recipes to act as your replacement.

Personally I prefer homemade beef stock over store bought when it’s done right!

Beef Broth

beef broth
Beef broth replacement

Beef broth is another alternative to beef consommé. Although they both have a strong flavor, broth won’t be as intense and takes shorter time to prepare. It works as a time saving option, especially if you buy it premade. 

There are clear differences between beef broth and beef consommé, such as consommé has a thicker consistency. Beef consommé is also much clearer and doesn’t have the same amount of impurities. To get it a little closer, beef broth can be simmered for 15-20 minutes to reduce it and bring it a little closer to beef consommé. 

Mushroom Consommé

Some of you may want a vegetarian or plant-based option for your consommé. This is substitution is for you! You still get a similar earthy taste of a hearty beef broth, but with the benefits of being meat free.

I haven’t been able to find any premade mushroom consommé near me. If you’re in a similar situation, you may have to make it homemade. If that’s the case, the NYTime’s has a great post that uses porcini mushrooms to make their recipe.


If you want to find a replacement for beef consommé as a soup to be eaten on it’s own, you’re better off finding a new meal altogether. Beef consommé as a soup cant be replaced, but as a sided ingredient there are three main options. 

The best replacements are to use beef stock or broth. They act as great substitutions for beef consommé with only losing some consistency and a few changes in nutrition. If you’re looking for a vegetarian option, then mushroom consommé is the answer!

If you have any thoughts please let us know. Especially if you plan on doing something as interesting as making beef consommé while crockpot cooking.

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