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BEST Men’s Travel Pants [MULTI-PURPOSE] – 2020

Best Men's Travel Pants
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You’ll see tons of reviews for the best men’s travel pants, saying things like they’ve tested multiple pants and have the best OVERALL! But seriously, how can you make a definite decision for all men? The best pants for travel depend on personal preference and what you’re doing.

So, it seems a bit ambitious and ridiculous to say that you’ve found the best of the best. I just wanted to point that out before I started this quick review, because the ones I list will be very general and categorized by what you plan on doing and might not be exactly what you’re looking for!

Regardless, they were the best for me and may be a good place to start looking for you.

The categories I’ll mention are:

  1. Pants For Relaxing travel
  2. Pants For Adventure
  3. Pants For Flying (Long Transportation)

Men’s Pants For Relaxing Travel

Mountain Hardwear Men’s AP Pants

Mountain Wear Pants

When I say relaxing travel, I mean you’re walking around a city sightseeing, maybe plan on taking a few pictures, and the most intense commute may be a short train ride. In this case you’ll want pants that are thin enough to stay cool, but flexible enough to accommodate wearing an under layer if it’s cold.

The first option is from Mountain Hardwear. Yes, the name suggests an outdoor brand, that’s part of what makes these a great option for relaxing travel pants. They are prepared to handle a lot of walking but still look nice and have a comfy fit.

Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Quick Dry Pants

Nonwe Travel Pants

Another option if you’re like me, is having one with a zip-able cargo pocket. Traveling means being in new places around new people. I like to make sure that my valuables (wallet, ID, etc.) are safe and I don’t have to focus on not losing them. A cargo pocket is a great way to help keep my stuff safe and know where it is when I need it.

The Nonwe pants shown below are a great choice for having a cargo pocket (just one) and still having sleek looking pants that are relaxing!

Best Adventure Travel Pants

This is where I recommend going with pants that have cargo pockets, as you’ll want to carry quick grab items. Trust me, it’s so refreshing to not have everything you’re carrying bulge in one pocket, and having multiple pockets means separating multiple must have items on hikes or other outdoor excursions.

Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Water-Resistant Cargo Pants

Nonwe Hiking Pants

Back to Nonwe! These are a similar pair but with two cargo pockets as it’s best to have more places to keep items. Also, since they’re mostly nylon and a little spandex, they are very flexible and easy to move in for long periods of time.

Best Travel Pants For Flying

It’s rare to be on a flight and think “I wish I could experience this longer”. Which means you probably want to be as comfortable as possible and having comfy pants is one way to make any flight better.

Outdoor Research Men’s Short Ferrosi Pants

Men's Outdoor Travel Pants

I want to point out that I recommend not carrying a lot in your pockets for flights as it makes going through security easier. Just keeping everything in a carry-on/backpack and your travel docs in your pocket is what I recommend. The following pair are picked not because they’re made for flying, but they just happen to be perfect for it.

They are loose fitting, comfy, and still have room for travel docs. Obviously, there is no “one size fits all” for comfortable traveling pants. The past examples are just suggestions that work for me and I’ve heard good feedback on. If there are some you think should be added, please comment below! 

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