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10 Best Nude Beaches in Florida

best nude beaches florida
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The sun is shining, the waves are crashing in, and you have no clothes on. You heard it right, sometimes it’s nice to strip bare and enjoy the beach all-natural. This might not be for everyone, but nudists or naturists have the preference to enjoy their beach time nude!

These naturalists are everywhere, including the USA. So, shouldn’t there be a few nude beaches where they can be themselves? Thankfully, Florida has quite a few nude beaches where you can strut around and get a tan with no lines. 

So, what are the best nude beaches in Florida?

best nude beaches florida

Best Nude Beaches in Florida

While these are nude beaches, depending on the areas or sections of the beach, you may still need a swimsuit. Double check each beach for their specific guidelines!

Haulover Beach

Haulover beach has a load of activities to offer, but what it doesn’t have is a clothing requirement. Just north of Miami and south of Fort Lauderdale, this naturist beach is one of the best maintained in my opinion and offers a safe place for beach goers to hang loose. 

In fact, Haulover Beach is readily ranked as one of the top 10 nude beaches in the world! There’s also plentiful parking for the beach, so don’t fret about finding a parking spot. It’s fun-loving atmosphere and welcoming community are a great getaway. If you’re looking to visit, be sure to check out any local events going on as well!

Playalinda beach florida


Located on Canaveral National Seashore, this little stretch of beautiful beach is secluded compared to the usual nude beaches you’ll find in Florida. Designated federally as a nude beach, rest assured you’ll be welcomed here as a naturalist!

A lack of commercial stores and other annoyances of city life make this beach a truly natural experience. However, there are still public restrooms, let’s not get to into nature. 

Apollo Nude Beach

The close sister beach to Playalinda, Apollo is located on the same stretch of land on the Canaveral National Seashore. Expect the same welcoming community and seclusion you’ll find on Playalinda.

This beach simply offers an alternative location based on your preference for a nude beach or if the other is too crowded. 

Geiger Key Abandoned Beach

Located in Key West, Boca Chica is a great beach if you’re already partaking in the nightlife and fun of the surrounding city. Some people can’t stand dirty beach water either, which makes this the perfect one to visit as it’s waters are crystal clear! Despite it being an abandoned beach, it still has plenty of foot traffic!

Most of the beach is not accessible via car and if you want to explore, you’ll have to stroll down the beach on foot. 

Blind Creek Beach

Located in Fort Pierce, Blind Creek Beach is a nude beach to visit if you want to keep to yourself while lounging around in your birthday suit. It’s a common nude beach, so how crowded it is can be fairly random. But, everyone is just there to relax and minds there own. 

NOTE: Loggerhead turtles nest around this beach, so beware where you decide to setup for sunbathing!

bunche beach preserve
Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Bunche Beach Preserve

Bunche Beach offers a ton of activities in addition to nude sunbathing. One of the infamous activities for this beach is kayaking as it’s close to a few creeks that allow easy water exploration. It’s also a great place for avid bird watchers, regardless of whether you’re on the beach or kayaking through the creek.

While there is a ton of wildlife to see at Bunche Beach, one of the most common desire for visitors is to see are the migratory white pelicans. A beautiful animal, a beautiful beach, and a beautiful time to be had makes this one of my favorite recommendations. 

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort

Unlike other nude beaches on this list, Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is located on a lake beach. That doesn’t mean it’s any less of a phenomenal beach to get your full body tan at, you’ll just be missing the salt smell in the air. 

In addition to full body sunbathing, the resort houses a spa to get that full pampered treatment. Cypress Cove has other amenities you’d find at a resort such as a hotel, pool, hot tub, tennis, and even allows pets!

Rooftop Resort

Situated between Miami and Ft Lauderdale, this hotel and resort is perfect if you want a clothing optional beach and hotel to stay at. The beach and poolside aren’t the only clothing optional areas though, the entire estate is fair game to go all natural. 

I’d recommend this resort if you’re looking for a party mixed with the option for some beach relaxation. With neon lighting filling many rooms in the hotel and a night-club style vibe, this resort is for the more adventurous.

South Beach Miami

South Beach is notorious for topless sunbathing as it’s allowed all over the beach. Because it’s South Beach, expect it to be crowded! So, if you’re shy, I would opt for visiting one of the more secluded beaches on this list. 

Port Saint Lucie
Credit: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Port Saint Lucie

This beach is last on the list because it hasn’t necessarily been declared a nude beach. Despite this, locals have designated specific areas as clothing optional due to their seclusion. But be warned, this is not an officially legal nude beach as it hasn’t been declared so by local government! Go nude at Port Saint Lucie at your own risk!

Other Clothing Optional Beaches

If there is a beach we missed or some information regarding one of the beaches above that needs updating, please comment below! I’m almost certain there are more nude areas scattered throughout the Florida coastline. 

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