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Can You Eat A Starfish?

can you eat a starfish
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Can You Eat A Starfish?

Yes, starfish are edible and considered a delicacy in some places. However, not every portion of the starfish is edible, only some sections of meat within the starfish’s legs can be eaten safely. A common way to cook them in China is by deep frying and cracking them open to eat the meat inside or by serving them on a stick.

What Does Starfish Taste Like?

This will depend on who you ask, but many people relate them to tasting like sea urchins or Chinese river crabs, but a more bitter and creamier. Other people claim it has a salty taste and has the essence of ocean water as it’s flavor. In terms of texture, it is commonly considered similar to the texture of ground beef. 

Like some other meats, not every dish of it will taste the same. This is one of the reasons it’s considered a delicacy, because it can be difficult to find a good starfish to cook and eat. 

Do People Eat Starfish?

Yes, a few countries in Asia consider starfish a delicacy and find the taste very appealing. The dish is considered an acquired taste though and you may have to try it a few times before you come around to enjoying it. 

There will definitely be people who won’t enjoy the taste of starfish, but if you’re open to trying new things and like seafood, then you should give it a shot!

How Does Starfish Smell?

It’s difficult to find information on how a starfish smells. There doesn’t seem to be other foods or sea creatures to compare the smell of starfish too. What is known, is that it’s a little bitter and creamy, but doesn’t have a noticeably strong scent. 

Can You Eat Starfish Raw?

You should not eat raw starfish! Starfish is best prepared with boiling or deep-frying. Additionally, you shouldn’t eat a whole starfish, as they have a very rough and hard exterior. Attempting to eat the outside of a starfish could cause harm and eating it raw is dangerous due to possible bacteria and other contaminants. 

Also, some starfish can be poisonous and should be avoidable.

Can A Starfish Bite?

No, starfish do not have teeth and can’t bite. However, some starfish can hurt you if you step on them. Some have thorns on their backs capable of inflicting venom when stepped on, but they won’t go out of their way to attack humans. 

Do Starfish Have Brains?

No! Starfish don’t have brains! They also don’t have any blood! Starfish pump seawater through their bodies as a supplement for blood, which provides it with the nutrients it needs to survive and thrive. Another side benefit to using seawater is that they live in the ocean so they’ll never run out of it. 

How Long Do Starfish Live?

Starfish can live on average 35 years but don’t live as long in captivity. The lifespan of a starfish depends largely on the subspecies they belong to, as different species of starfish live longer than others. 

Do Starfish Have Bones?

Starfish are invertebrate but they do have a kind of skeleton. The body of a starfish is composed of calcium carbonate plates known as ‘ossicles’. These plates form an endoskeleton which can take on a variety of forms and shapes, which is why different species can appear so strangely different to their cousins. 


So yes, starfish can be eaten and is considered a delicacy in some places. However, it is strongly recommended to not try to prepare and cook one yourself. There are still dangers to eating starfish and unless you know what you’re doing, it’s dangerous to assume and attempt to eat one in the wild. 

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