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Can You Put Bananas In The Fridge – Storing Banana’s Properly

can you refrigerate bananas
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Refrigerating Bananas

Who doesn’t like a ripe banana? That sweet taste and chewy texture make for an excellent snack or addition to a meal (especially pancakes).

Plus the health benefits you get from eating one, such as plenty of potassium and other vitamins!

But, the important question here is can you refrigerate bananas? 

Yes, you can refrigerate bananas to keep them fresher for longer. However, if the banana isn’t ripe yet, refrigeration will stop them from ripening and the peel will begin to turn dark. Alternatively, if you refrigerate them while they’re already browning, they will spoil faster. The best time to refrigerate them is when they’re ripe but not browning heavily.

how to store bananas

How to Store Bananas

Are there alternatives to leaving bananas out on the counter or sticking them in the fridge?

While refrigerating a ripe banana might keep it edible for longer than leaving it in a bowl, there must be better options.

Thankfully there are, such as a container and tips to ensuring bananas last longer. 

Banana Storage Containers

There are numerous storage options to keep bananas fresh. Some are small containers only for one banana, but I recommend getting storage bags, especially if you’re an avid hiker like me. Having a fresh snack is a must on a long hike!

You don’t have to go all out, the 2-Pack Banana Bags below are perfect and don’t cost a lot.

banana fresh storage bags

A bag or small container is my recommendation to slow down the spoiling of your potassium filled treat. There are a few things you could do outside of purchasing a bag or container. 

Extra Tips for Keeping Bananas Fresh

In addition to having a storage container or putting them in the fridge, here are some easy methods to increase the life of bananas. 

Hang bananas from a “tree”

Hanging bananas from something in your kitchen can stop them from bruising on the bottom where they would usually rest on the counter. 

Keeping them away from other fruits

All fruit decays and can release gases to quicken the pace in which they ripen. 

Other options?

This post probably won’t be all inclusive of the methods to store bananas. If you have any suggestions or best practices, please leave them below in the comments!


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