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Celery Salt Substitute

celery salt substitute
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What is Celery Salt?

Celery salt itself is not a complex concoction. While the ratios vary, it’s mainly 1 part celery powder to 1 part salt. 

It’s a common addition to cocktails such as a Bloody Mary and gives a nice kick to meals. One of my favorite uses of celery salt is for the Chicago style hotdog, but that’s just my preference. 

Regardless of why you love it or what you plan to use it in, sometimes we run out of spices. So what do you do when you run out of celery salt and need a substitute for your cocktail?

Celery Salt Substitutes

There aren’t a lot of alternatives to celery salt, but thankfully there are a few. 

Homemade Celery Salt

The first alternative is to make your own homemade celery salt. It’s not a complicated mixture at all, simply mix 1 part salt with 1 part celery powder and you’re done!

Some brands might use different ratios, but a 1:1 offers a nice balance for taste. If you’re wondering where to get celery powder, it can be made at home as well. Taking celery seeds and grinding them into a powder is the simplest way to get the celery powder you need for your celery salt substitute! 

Use Fresh Celery

The strong flavor of celery can still be used as the leaves and stalks will give you the familiar flavor. 

Since it’s not powdered, this substitute won’t work to well in cocktails or dressings. However, it will still go nice in soups or solid dinner dishes.

Dill Salt

Dill or dill weed is in the same family as celery and will have a similar taste profile. This makes it an easy go to for a celery salt substitute. 

You can purchase it premade, or go the same route as making homemade celery salt. Grinding dill seed into a powder and mixing with salt using a 1:1 ratio. 

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