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Chocolate Quotes and Captions for Instagram

chocolate captions for instagram
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Chocolate, the one sweet coveted around the world! There’s a reason why this treat has become so loved and such a staple for desserts. 

I don’t think I have to explain that to you though if you’re here looking for chocolate quotes and captions. 

You’ve probably got a tasty looking dessert in front of you or maybe just some nice chocolates for no reason. Regardless of the reason for your chocolate IG post, we’re here to provide some of the best captions and quotes for your chocolate pic!

Let me know in the comments if you have more chocolate quotes to add!

best chocolate sayings

Best Chocolate Captions for IG

Looking for some great chocolate quotes and captions for your Instagram post? These are some of the best chocolate sayings on the internet and compiled here!

Chocolate fixes everything.

A little too much chocolate is just about the right amount.

Die eating chocolate, and you die happy.

O.C.D Obsessive chocolate disorder.

Dip it in chocolate; it’ll be fine.

Two thing I love about chocolate are: (1) the inside, and (2) the outside.

Anything tastes better when dipped in chocolate.

As long as chocolate exists in this world, there will always be happiness.

Forget love; I’d rather fall in chocolate.

What kind of fiend could possibly detest chocolate?

Body type: works out, but definitely loves chocolate.

I used to have a chocolate problem. Then I found some; so problem solved!

Just knowing that I have a secret stash of chocolate is genuinely comforting.

Music soothes the soul, but chocolate works faster.

Never trust anyone who doesn’t like chocolate.

Nothing is better than a friend, except a friend who is bringing chocolate.

Oh how I wished stress was chocolate-coated.

Some people choose therapy. The rest of us choose chocolate.

How to avoid eating too much chocolate? Melt it and drink it!

Getting rid of a frown is easy when there’s chocolate around.

Happy are those who find unexpected chocolate.

Unlike therapy, you don’t need an appointment for chocolate. Plus, it’s way cheaper!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate, which is basically the same thing.

Do I have a chocolate addiction? No, chocolate is the one addicted to me.

Everything that I am, I owe to chocolate.

Whether you succeed or fail, you celebrate with chocolate.

Don’t think that chocolate is a substitute for love. Love is a substitute for chocolate.

Chocolate lovers have sweeter babies.

Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt.

Is there chocolate in heaven? If not, then I’m not going.

Be it cookies, cakes, or milkshakes—I love chocolate in all forms!

When words aren’t enough, chocolate speaks volumes.

You can’t recall my name? Just say chocolate, and I’ll turn around.

If I share my chocolate with you, you’re special to me.

Me + chocolate = together forever.

Anything is delightful if it’s made of chocolate.

As a matter of fact, chocolate is the best substance in the world.

Chocolate is always the secret ingredient.

Chocolate, oh chocolate, let me count the ways.

Guilt wrecks the sublime chocolate experience. It’s best to just avoid this feeling.

Heaven is the place where chocolate has zero calories and is served every meal time.

Love is a lot like eating a bountiful amount of chocolate.

May all the mountains we climb be made of chocolate.

Nothing is as tempting as a piece of chocolate that isn’t yours.

The solution to every problem is chocolate.

If it weren’t for chocolate not existing in the past, great tragedies would never be written by their writers.

One of the best ways to deal with problems is with one delicious chocolate at a time.

During rough times, eat a lot of chocolate. When the times are splendid, eat even more chocolate.

Even a minuscule amount of chocolate can taste heavenly if you meditate on it.

Everyone has a price; mine is chocolate!

Flowers wilt, iron rusts, and humans age.But chocolate? It doesn’t last long enough to get old.

People who like chocolate are often more generous, happier, and peace-loving.

Problems exist all over the world. That is why we need chocolate.

Spread chocolates like you spread smiles.

Sweet memories are like chocolate; they make life better.

In the middle of chaos, there was chocolate.

To make up for Mondays, God created chocolate.

chocolate quotes for instagram

Short Chocolate Quotes and Captions

Sometimes you don’t want a lengthy captions for your post. These are great options for short chocolate captions that are sweet and to the point.

Edible happiness.

Every day is chocolate day!

For the kid in me.

Money talks, chocolate sings.

Most days require chocolate.

You had me at chocolate.

Sweet creation.

The finest cocoa.

Loco for cocoa.

Melt in my mouth.

When taste meets soul.

A guilt-free sin.

Abandon chocolate? Never!

Pure indulgence.

My kind of happiness.

Oh, divine chocolate!

Good chocolate, good mood.

Savor it; don’t rush.

Stress out and eat chocolate.

Be happy, eat chocolate.

Chocolate is my lifeline.

Dipped in chocolate.

The promise of sweet perfection.

You make me melt.

Chocolate needs no reason.

Chocolate runs in my veins.

Craving for chocolate!

Yummy to the last bite!

funny chocolate captions for instagram

Funny Chocolate Captions

Why not add a little bit of humor to your chocolate picture? Here are some great and funny puns for your IG post!

Chocolate is great. It gives you energy to go buy more chocolate.

A balanced diet is chocolate in both hands.

In heaven, chocolate has no calories and is served as the main course.

Sadness is no chocolate in the house.

Empty calories? Does a hollow chocolate bunny count?

Everyone should believe in something. Well, I believe I’ll have another bar of chocolate.

I just want to have ABS…olutely more chocolate!

Me + Chocolate = Forever Together!

Let’s protect planet Earth. Chocolate doesn’t exist elsewhere.

Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth always lies.

Keep calm and eat chocolate.

My favorite veggie is chocolate. Because you know, chocolate comes from cocoa, and cocoa comes for a tree.

Never late; just choco-late!

Carpe cocoa; seize the chocolate!

Hurry up, I’m choco-late for my appointment.

Let’s face it, chocolate is far more reliable than anyone we know.

I’m a person of many moods, and they all require chocolate.

What’s the only thing that’s better than chocolate? More chocolate!

When life throws lemons at you, hurl them back and demand for chocolate.

Save the planet, it’s the only one with chocolate.

Hand me the chocolate, now! There really is no need for anyone to get hurt.

Hot fudge fills deep needs.

I make chocolate disappear. What’s your superpower?

I miss you a choco-lot!

If the question is related to chocolate, then my answer is “YES!”

Just like duct tape, chocolate can fix anything.

Four out of five people love chocolate. The fifth person is a liar.

Grim reaper, please let my end be death by chocolate.

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a tree, which has leaves, so it’s basically a salad.

A day without chocolate is like… Just joking! I have no idea.

You’re the fudging best!

Days that end with “Y” are the days when I’m allowed to eat chocolate.

Once upon a time, I was starving. And that, my friend, is the reason why all the chocolates are gone!

Resistance is futile; surrender to chocolate!

Screw apologies; I prefer chocolate!

The answer is chocolate. Who even cares what the question is?

chocolate sayings for instagram

More Chocolate Quotes and Catchphrases

If any of the previous quotes and captions for your chocolate post didn’t work, we’ve got a few more to try just in case!

How in the world would I have managed to survive without chocolate?

I breathe only for you, chocolate.

I’m quite certain that chocolate tastes as good as skinny feels.

If chocolate ruled the world, everyone would be happy.

All I want is peace on Earth, love for everyone, unity for all, and a bar of chocolate.

Always prepared with a hidden stash of chocolate.

I’m going to eat some chocolate. Today is a blissful day.

I’m not overweight! I’m just enriched with chocolate.

Enjoy life. Eat chocolate.

If it involves chocolate, then count me in!

It’s not a party without chocolate.

Because God cherishes us and wishes us to be happy, he made chocolate possible.

Chocolate is always a good idea.

Consume food in moderation, except chocolates.

Does chocolate make you happy? If it does, eat it. If it doesn’t, hand it over to me.

Eating a scrumptious piece of chocolate is a perfect way to kick-start the day.

For the record, I’ve never encountered a chocolate I didn’t like.

God gave angels wings, and humans chocolate.

Happiness is taking a selfie with your favorite chocolate.

It’s never too late for chocolate.

Wishing everyone a day as sweet as this chocolate.

What you’re looking at right now is the product of a lifetime of chocolate indulgence.

You know I cherish you when I share my chocolate with you.

Just the smell of chocolate mesmerizes me that I can’t withstand not putting it in my mouth.

Molten chocolate on your hands means you’re eating it too slow.

Neuroscientists confirm that chocolate means more to some people than others.

Nothing is more romantic than chocolate.

This delectable piece of paradise is a gift of love to myself.

To the chocolate world, I go!

Treat the little kid inside your heart.

Every day, without fail, I eat some chocolate.

Who said chocolate is an addiction? It’s simply a real necessity.

You brought chocolate? Well, as far as I’m concerned right now, you’re my favorite person.

A chocolatarian through and through.

Practicing self-restraint in all things except love and chocolate.

Pure happiness is that feeling when chocolate melts in your mouth.

Sh*t happens, chocolate helps.

If God blesses you with chocolate, you open your mouth wide, no?

A bad day eating chocolate is a better day doing anything else.

Living that chocolate life.

Feeling the chocolate vibes.

Chocolate makes everything better.

Technology can’t impress me until it allows me to download chocolate.

We have chocolate in common—that, to me, is enough.

Certified chocolate addict.

Unless you’re chocolate, it’s okay that you can’t make everyone happy.

Unquestionably, chocolate brings good luck.

Die-hard fan of chocolate!

Do you know what my secret weapon is? Yup, it’s chocolate.

Don’t ever leave me, chocolate.

Enjoying life piece by piece and letting it slowly melt on my tongue.

For me, when it comes to chocolate—it’s take and receive!

Chocolate loves me a lot.

Chocolate selfie!

Dear chocolate, I love you so much!

Thirteen out of ten people love chocolate.

Given enough chocolate, I can conquer the galaxies.

Giving away kisses for chocolate.

Here, have a chocolate. Feel better now?

Life is sweet.

Me, chocolate, and selfie.

Rich in taste and intensity.

Thanks to chocolate, my clothes are shrinking.

Will work for chocolate.

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