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Is Coconut Sugar Low FODMAP?

is coconut sugar low fodmap
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Is Coconut Sugar Low FODMAP?

While a lot of sugars are considered low FODMAP, coconut sugar is considered high FODMAP in servings greater than 1 teaspoon. Since most recipes will use more than a tiny teaspoon worth, it’s safe to say it should be avoided for those with IBS or anyone looking for low FODMAP ingredients. 


What is Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is a palm sugar that’s obtained from the sap of the flower bud of the coconut palm. 

So yes, it’s a sugar obtained through a tree flower bud and has a distinctive sweetness and taste compared to other sugars. While it’s not low FODMAP, unless you consume it in less than 1 tsp increments, I think it’s a great sugar for those who don’t suffer from IBS and makes a great sugar substitute.


Is Coconut Sugar Good For You?

Coconut sugar is a sweetener and not filled with tons of nutrients. So don’t think that coconut sugar could improve your health just by adding some to your baking and don’t believe people who claim it’s some super sweetener. Yes, it does still contain some nutrients from the palm tree it originates from, it’s not enough to rely on for your vitamin needs. 

Despite it not being nutrient filled, there are a few things it may help with depending on your health. 

It’s a sugar and can provide glucose if you happen to suffer from lower levels of blood sugar or hypoglycemia. But, other sweeteners can provide the same thing for less price. 

Don’t forget that it’s also high FODMAP, already removing it’s usefulness for many people that may be reading this. 


How is Coconut Sugar Made?

Coconut sugar is made from the sap of the coconut palm tree flower buds. This sap is heated, dried, and ground up until it forms into a granular sugar. The sugar itself is a light brown color and many people claim it has a slight caramel flavor to it. That flavor may just be the type of sugar produced from the sap and be relatable to the sugar found in caramel. 

Coconut sugar is also praised for being less processed than conventional sugar. It is similar to normal table sugar but without the molasses removed. 


Is Fresh Coconut Low FODMAP?

Fresh coconut (specifically the white flesh on the inside) is moderately low in FODMAPs but isn’t free of them. Coconut contains sorbitol in small amounts, which is a FODMAP. Because of it’s sorbitol content, it should be consumed in amounts less than 1/2 cup. Anything greater than 1/2 cup of coconut may cause digestion distress and some people may be even more sensitive to the food. 

If you’re uncertain on whether or not it’ll affect you, I would talk to your doctor first or a registered dietician for assistance. 



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