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Is Coffee High in Histamine?

is coffee high in histamine
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Is Coffee High in Histamine?

Coffee is high in histamines and can trigger an allergic reaction that will be slightly different than a normal allergic reaction or similar. If you’re intolerant, some symptoms may include shortness of breath, hives, rashes, palpitations and more. 

The number of people affected severely by histamine production from caffeine are very rare to find though and generally it’s a small percentage of the population. 


What is a Histamine?

A histamine is a chemical found in your own cells, used in your immune system to rid itself of a certain substance. These substances might not actually be harmful, but your body will see them and send out histamines and attack these intruders. 

The release of these chemicals increase blood flow in the areas “under attack” and can cause inflammation. The triggers can be any foreign substance from pollen to a food. 


Does Decaf Coffee Contain Histamine?

Regardless of the brand, decaffeinated coffee can’t guaranteeably be histamine free simply because of how it’s produced. While those with caffeine sensitivities won’t have anything to worry about, those sensitive to histamines may still find some in decaf coffee. 


Coffee Alternatives

Most teas are considered low histamine, so if you’re still looking for a warm beverage for energy, a decent tea may do the trick. Not every tea will be safe, so even though a lot of the ones I found were fine, I’d still double check the specific tea brand you intend on purchasing. 

There are also herbal and organic coffees produced with the intent of limiting toxins and histamines. There are actually loads of low histamine brands out there such as Cafix, Naturalis INKA, and some of Dandy Blends options. 

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