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is corn low fodmap
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NOTE: All of the foods listed may contain more or less FODMAPs than what they may on average. FODMAP quantity may vary on brand and processing, so it’s best to check the individual brand and ask a dietician about eating any of the food listed if you have IBS.

Is Corn Low FODMAP?

Corn is considered high FODMAP in moderate servings or more. That means you can eat corn with minimal side effects at lower servings, making portion size an important aspect. Corns also mainly high FODMAP in it’s raw harvested form. Meanwhile, many processed versions of corn such as tortillas and chips are lower FODMAP.

The estimated serving size to avoid going over is roughly 38g of corn. To be safe, I would stay well under the maximum serving size.


What Makes Corn High FODMAP In Large Servings?

The main FODMAP in corn that makes it dangerous for FODMAP intolerance is sorbitol. Naturally grown corn is high in sorbitol and a single cob of corn contains over the recommended threshold of FODMAPs for safe digestion. 


Is Corn On The Cob Low FODMAP?

Corn on the cob is not low FODMAP and contains high amounts of sorbitol. There are processed versions of corn that are low FODMAP, but fresh corn on the cob should be avoided if you suffer from IBS or other digestion issues.


Is Corn Flour Low FODMAP? 

Unlike corn on the cob, corn flour is low FODMAP. According to Monash, a corn flour serving of 100g is still low FODMAP. This is a relief as most wheat flour is high FODMAP and can make it difficult to eat many things that contain flour. 


Is Canned Corn Low FODMAP?

Canned corn is low FODMAP only in smaller servings. While it is processed and may (depending on the brand) contain lower levels of sorbitol, it still contains FODMAPs and should be limited in serving size to avoid issue. 


Is Corn Oil Low FODMAP?

Due to it’s processing, corn oil is generally low FODMAP as they are mostly fats. This could vary depending on who manufactures the corn oil and how it’s created. But overall, as it is mostly fat and not a carbohydrate, it will be lower FODMAP than pure corn. 


Is Creamed Corn Low FODMAP?

According to Monash, creamed corn is listed as low FODMAP. This will depend on the brand though and it should be checked before purchasing. Although generally, creamed corn is considered safe to eat.

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