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Is Cucumber Low FODMAP?

is cucumber low fodmap
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Is Cucumber Low FODMAP Food?

Cucumbers are a FODMAP free food, so consider them safe to eat for your diet! That being said, ensure that any cucumbers you buy that are processed (precut etc.) don’t have any additives that may be FODMAP. I’m sure most of the time they’ll be bought fresh, but I wanted to mention it just incase. 


Is Lebanese Cucumber Low FODMAP?

Lebanese cucumbers are also FODMAP free and can be enjoyed according to your diet. In fact, most Lebanese cucumbers have a sweeter taste and could be substituted for normal cucumbers, especially if you prefer a sweeter taste. 


Is Pickled Cucumber Low FODMAP?

The closest information we could find regarding pickled cucumbers were gherkins, which did remain low FODMAP after pickling. 

I would put pickled cucumbers on the list of elimination just incase and reintroduce them later to test, but the odds are they won’t be bad for you. 


Ways to Eat Cucumber

There are a plethora of ways to prepare and eat cucumbers! These are just a few suggestions and any recipes you find for these types of preparations should be checked for low FODMAP as well!

1. Salads

A salad is a great way to enjoy cucumbers and there’s a surprising variety of recipes that incorporate cucumbers that are low FODMAP. Another plus is that most salads you’ll run across or recipes for salads will be a healthier option than other meals. 

2. Smoothies

Want something refreshing and tasty? While it’s not necessarily a meal, a smoothie is a great snack, especially for those hot summer days! The best part is how easy it is to make a smoothie, take your favorite fruits, flavorings, cucumbers., and throw them in a blender!

3. Soups!

Maybe a soup isn’t the first thing you think of when talking about cucumbers. But, just because it’s not the first thing on your mind doesn’t mean it’s not a tasty option! I’m obviously not talking about some chicken soup or the normal hearty soups you’re thinking of, but there are cucumber focused soups and it can be used as an additive in other soups. 



Yes cucumbers are low FODMAP and are safe to eat with those sensitive to compounds found in FODMAP foods. On top of that Lebanese cucumbers are also low FODMAP and can be used as a substitute for normal cucumbers. 


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