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Visiting Highline 179 – Reutte Austria

Castle at Highline 179
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We stumbled onto Highline 179 on accident during a trip to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany. We were driving from a place in Germany already, but the highway just happens to cut through Austria, and thankfully it did.

On passing, we looked up what the bridge was and to our surprise, it was the worlds longest Tibetan style suspension bridge in the world! So of course, we decided to stop by the bridge on our way back.

Highline 179 Austria

Originally, we only planned to walk across the bridge and see if the sight was worth the hike (it was). But to our surprise, at the top there was the Ehrenburg Ruins and Fort Claudia! Each comes with it’s own interesting history that you can learn about at the site and are worth taking the time to see.

If you have other plans in the area and aren’t just driving through, there are hotels in Reutte to stay at if you plan on spending a lot of time at the bridge.

How to get to Highline 179, Reutte Austria

So how do you get there? The easiest is to drive as there isn’t exactly trains that stop directly by. But there are trains that run to Reutte and a bus can be taken to the entrance below the bridge. It’s opened every day from 8am to 10pm, but I recommend going early in the morning to avoid foot traffic.

Hiking up to the bridge

There is a short hike up the hillside to get to the bridge entrance and you’ll see the Ehrenburg castle as you reach the top. We took some time to walk around and take in the Austrian air, especially since we wanted to relax and take it slow.

There are clear signs to get around and after exploring the castle for a little, so don’t worry about not finding your way around.

So then was the time, we put the tickets we got into the turnstile and made our way to walk across the bridge. Linn was having a ball and seemed to enjoy every step across the bridge. I on the other hand, wasn’t the biggest fan of heights and found myself gripping the siderail a little too hard. At the end off it I’m glad I did it though because it was exhilarating since you can see through the bridge as you cross!

Bridge at Highline 179

Time of year

The best time to go is really only dependent on the kind of view you want and gear you plan to have. If you have warm clothing and want less people to be on the bridge with you, winter may be a good time to collect some nice views of snow-capped mountains and hills. If you want sunshine, then obviously spring or summer is the best time to visit. Regardless, Highline 179 is open 365 days a year, so it’s easy to fit it into your travel schedule.

Us at Highline 179

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