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50 Best Gifts For Hikers – 2021

Unique Gifts for Hikers
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50 Best Gifts For Hikers & Outdoors Enthusiasts

We love hiking and basically any outdoor activity that we come across. I’d say that roughly 90% of our trips have some camping or aspect of trekking.

That in mind, we also use a lot of supplies and small gadgets to make hiking easier for us since it can be a rough ride sometimes unless you’re glamping

We have things that help keep us comfortable while hiking and some things that hold food (those are my favorite).

Not all hikers are like us, but I guarantee there are numerous similarities in interest for many outdoors enthusiasts. So, I feel confident in recommending unique gifts for hikers, because I know that I would love them!

There’s a lot to choose from as well, so I understand that you may be overwhelmed looking through lists of hiking gear. That’s alright! Hikers love new gear and almost anything will be appreciated if it makes hiking a little bit easier.

Just read some of the suggestions and see what pops out, any of these will probably get a hefty thank you from an avid hiker.

Let’s not waste any more time and get to our list of great gifts for hikers!

Budget Gifts for Hikers

The list of gifts below are going to be separated by budget just in case you’re like us and love to save money!


Gifts for Hikers Below $25

Thankfully there are plenty of options to save money and still surprise your friends or family with awesome hiking gear! These are not just cheap hiking gifts but are also quality options that will still be loved.

Stanley Classic Flask

hiking flask outdoors

Not many hikers expect to receive a gift to carry hooch in while they hike. But I guarantee there are a few people out there (me personally) that would love this gift! It comes in the classic Stanley green design and 3.2 ounces of whatever drink they want to fill it with.

Not everyone drinks though, that’s what the other options on this list are for!

Trekking Poles

unique gifts for hikers

I never even knew about trekking poles until I went to Germany and every person I walked by had them.

Have you ever went walking around as a kid and picked up the nearest stick to walk with? These are the grown-up versions that work a bit better than a stick.

We have a pair that we keep in the trunk of our car for local hiking trips and they really come in handy. You obviously still have to exert effort to walk around, but they do help balance and relieve some tension.

GearLight LED Headlamp 

headlamp for hikers

A lot of the hikes we do are day hikes, but sometimes we’ll camp between hikes. There’s nothing quite like being in the outdoors for the night and gazing at the stars. But, a sure-fire way to ruin a night of camping or hiking is to stub your toe on a tree root or trip over a log.

The convenient and easy solution to the problem is a headlamp! I have one for late night hikes and really anything I need done when it’s dark out.

An Adventure Journal! 

adventure journals for hikers

We’ve gone on hikes all over the world and sadly there are certain aspects I struggle to remember. Ever have those moments where you know there’s something you forgot, but you just can’t remember what you forgot? I get those moments frequently when reminiscing on a trip and it wasn’t until recently that I got a journal to record our expeditions around the globe.

Pocket Chainsaw 

pocket chainsaw gift

I don’t expect to be chopping down trees and building a log cabin during a hike. But sometimes during a camping trip it does help to be able to get some logs thicker than a twig for a fire. Having a convenient to carry and useful way to cut down a small tree is something any boy scout would make use of!

Stormproof Matches

light a fire camping

So, you’ve cut down a tree with your pocket chainsaw, you’ve collected some kindling, and you’re ready to start a fire to cuddle up near. It sure would be a shame if the matches you brought were wet and useless. No surprise what the next statement is going to be, get waterproof matches! These are made to withstand the wet and cold conditions a hike can bring.

Oceas Outdoor Pocket Blankets

storage for camping

Need a blanket to keep you warm at a rest during your hike? This one isn’t it! But seriously, these blankets are thin and are mainly for laying out on the ground to avoid bugs and any wet areas. I just wanted to clear that up since blanket is in the name, it’s more of a very useful tarp!

UV Arm Sleeves

hiking clothing

Hiking for hours on end means being outside, usually in direct sunlight. While I’ve been on plenty of hikes through a forest, there were just as many that were out in the open. If I had a pair of decent sleeves that were cool and could stop the sun, I would’ve avoided a few sunburns.


hiking water purify

A more affordable option to water purification, the Lifestraw cleans water as you drink it. It’s an awesome invention and very portable! This one might not be used every hike as most hikers carry water with them, it is great in an emergency or camping.

Hiking Socks!

best hiking socks

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that hiking means a lot of walking. Yes, having a good pair of boots is important, but so is having some solid hiking socks! I made the mistake of doing my first hike in ankle socks and that was a mistake I never made again. So, if you really want an affordable gift for that trekker of yours, get them some hiking socks!

Moleskins For Blisters

hiking moleskin no blisters

A not often talked about hiking amenity are moleskins, which are a life saver! While I was in the Army, they made a world of difference in how well my hooves were taken care of. A blister does more than ruin a hike, it ruins the next two weeks of walking anywhere. Using a moleskin to cover the blister prone areas helps stop the chafing and keeps them blister free!

Hiking Waterproof Raincoats

waterproof hiking

You can’t plan what the weather will do, and sometimes there’s rainy days. That doesn’t mean the hike has to stop and sometimes the rain doesn’t show up until you’re halfway through anyway, so having waterproof gear is a must. Having a ready to go raincoat is how you prepare for unexpected rain and if you’re getting it for a hiker, they need to be minimal. These raincoats are easy to carry along when folded and won’t weigh someone down!


hiking navigation

For the more serious outdoors type, a reliable compass is a very useful gift, especially for someone interested in navigation. While there are a lot of other options for getting around (GPS and all) a compass is a reliable analog device that any hiker should know how to use with a map.

Funny Hiking Shirt

Funny hiking gifts

A simple gift for anyone, a funny hiking shirt is sure to get a laugh. Plus, who doesn’t wear clothes?

Tick Removers

tick remover for hikers

Being an avid hiker means a lot of outdoors time. I grew up going hiking, fishing, and camping fairly often, and I had quite a few tick bites along the way. While it’s great if you can avoid them, the sad truth is sometimes people will get them. It helps to have a keychain sized tick remover handy to get rid of those pesky bugs!

Smartphone Gloves

Affordable hiking gloves

It’s the 21st century and almost everyone has a smartphone, even hikers. At the same time, you want to keep your fingers warm and dry on a hike. So, why shouldn’t you be able to keep your hands comfy and still use your phone? These gloves solve that problem and make for a great gift for any hiker!

Portable Smartphone Tripod 

Tripod for hiking

This goes along with the smartphone gloves. We love to take photos during our hike, and we have a small, moldable tripod just for it. I don’t expect to be able to find a stranger to take our photo (not in the middle of the woods), and this lets us get great photos without a phone balancing act.

Hand Warmers 

Hiking Hand Warmers

I’ve been on some chilly hikes and camping trips. While a fire is nice for camping, you can’t exactly hike with a fire by you. A few hand warmers in your pockets help keep the cold off and any hiker you give them to will be very grateful!

Portable Wine kit

Portable Wine Kit

There are options to get some beer to the end of a hike, why not some wine? If you have friends or family that are outdoors enthusiasts and wine lovers, this is the best possible gift for them! It’s also surprisingly affordable and basically acts as a camelback for wine.

Rite in the Rain Notepads

hiking notepad

Obviously not a necessity, but these make a nice “stocking stuffer” type gift. They really come in handy if you know someone that likes to navigate the old-fashioned way, with a compass and map. Taking notes for directions and calculations is important, even if it’s raining.

Youphoria Quick Dry Microfiber Towels

hiking towels

These are easily the most underrated item on our every list of gifts for hikers. There’s no telling when a water bottle may leak in your bag and you’ll need help cleaning. Even if there isn’t a mess, people sweat hiking and having a quick dry towel (especially one that’s machine washable) is a blessing to have.

Sun Caps

best sun caps

I went hiking in Israel and regret not getting one of these earlier on. I got sunburnt on my neck despite wearing sunscreen, while the people I was hiking with had no hint of sunburn (they remembered their caps). You don’t need to hike in the middle east for these to come in handy though, the sun beats down everywhere and any hiker will love these!

Swiss Army Knife

hiking tool

A classic amongst any adventurer, the Swiss Army Knife is well known to be a notoriously useful multi-purpose tool. This one doesn’t need much explanation and it’s incredibly cheap considering the return value it provides, making it the perfect addon to any gift.

Water Purification Tablets

water purification when camping

If you don’t think your friend or family member would like the life straw or think it’s a bit to big, there are plenty of other options for water purification. Thankfully, there are much more portable tablets that can be carried to clean up water to drink! While I would prefer either and they’re both affordable, the only real difference is the preference in portability.

Insect Repellent

outdoors gifts

I know, not the most exciting gift you could give. But trust me, a few insects can turn a great hike into a terrible one. It’s also one of the more affordable gifts on this list, making it another perfect “stocking stuffer”.


hiking safety sunscreen

While sun caps and sleeves were mentioned, there’s usually more exposed skin despite best efforts. A simple bottle of sunscreen is an unexpected and unique gift. If you were planning on putting together a gift basket for your hiker friend, this is the perfect cheap addition.


hiking head gear

Having hiked in all climates, a beanie is a very useful piece of attire for most places (except the desert of course). Depending on the climates your friend prefers for hiking, this may or may not be a good gift. If they often hike in cold and windy places, then this is perfect!

Gifts for Hikers Below $50

A little higher on the pricing list are going to be more functional gifts that most hikers will take out on the trails with them. These are less novelty items about hiking, and more usable items that will make their trek more relaxing.

Celestron Monocular

best hiking gift

Binoculars can be bulky and add weight when you’re hiking. That doesn’t mean a hiker shouldn’t be able to bird watch or have some way to view distant sights. The best solution is a monocular as it solves the same problem a binocular does but fits in your pocket.

Diamond Grip Traction Cleats

great hiking gifts

If you know someone who likes winter hikes or really just slips too much on the ice ever holiday season, traction cleats will probably be something they need. These are pretty self-explanatory in the name and they help keep grip in icy situations.

Portable Charger/Power Bank

portable charger

It’s not the 1800’s anymore and every person I’ve seen on a trail has had some kind of electronics. Whether it’s a smart phone, GPS, or camera, every mountaineer will have a need to keep their devices charged. Sadly, the might oaks in the forest don’t have outlets to recharge, which is why any long hike will need a portable charger!

Outdoor Walkie Talkies

portable radio camping

There are tons of uses to having hiking walkie talkies! The obvious safety ones are to communicate if you’re separated with whoever you’re hiking with. A lot of trails also have emergency channels that not many people know about, and you need a walkie talkie to use them. They’re also fun for kids if you know someone who goes camping often with their family. Altogether, these make a great gift for hikers and outdoors enthusiasts!

Portable GPS Tracker

hiking navigation

While I always think a hiker should be able to read a map and compass, it doesn’t hurt to have some up to date technology. There are multiple types of GPS trackers, but I recommend one that can be tracked by your phone.

Hiking Jackets

best hiking jacket

Most people won’t be hiking in subzero weather, so they won’t need an arctic capable parka. However, it can get chilly on a trail and having a thin but breathable jacket can be very useful! And trust me, traveling clothing is always appreciated for a hiker!

Selkirk Design Ultralight Food Bag Hanging System

food storage for hiking and camping

This isn’t mainly for hiking, but for people who plan to camp outside during a hike. There are plenty of places around the world where campers may come across bears and like most animals, bears like food. Its essential to have some food storage system to keep food away from scavenging bears at night, hence why this hanging system was made! Let your friends keep their goods safe by having suspend-able bags to hang high enough out of reach of wildlife!


camping food ideas

I can’t count the number of times when I was hiking and wanted more than a simple protein bar. I try to pack light and know there’s no restaurants hiding out in the wilderness, so you think I’d prepare better. I will now at least, since there are so many options for meals-to-go that are made for outdoorsy people who want more than crumbs.

Portable Coffee Maker for Camping

make coffee while camping

Some people are like me and just can’t do the morning without some coffee (espresso for me). It might be a little difficult to find a Starbucks on a night out camping, so you’ll need something to wake you up. The only option I can think of is to bring the coffee with you and make a nice brew right when you wake up!

If you do decide to buy this for someone, make sure they try it out before using it out camping so they can get a feel for how to use it.

YETI Vacuum Thermus

best hiking gear

Even if you don’t get the portable coffee machine, chances are there’s a drink your hiker friend will want to keep cool/warm. I have yet to come across a Thermus that I didn’t like more than a YETI and can promise they have a very solid product!

Gifts for Hikers Below $100

If you have a bit more to spend and want to get some gadgets with a little more oomph, this is the category for you! These are the budget options for great tech, but ones that still offer value.

Cold Weather Shirts and Under Shirts

best gifts for hikers

The one shown here is a women’s under armour shirt that’s made for cold weather, but under armour also makes similar cold weather shirts. A under shirt is recommended because most trekkers will have a solid cold weather jacket, but some forget to properly dress in layers and this will help.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System 

This is another great gadget to carry on a hike where you expect to stop and camp. While many hikers will carry plenty of water, sometimes you run out unexpectedly and there’s nothing worse. Having a portable water filtration system eases the stress of running out of drinking water as long as you’ll be near a body of water when you hike.

Wall Maps of Trails

Hiking Wall Map

Being a lover of hiking and the great outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate when you’re at home. There are plenty of websites that offer prints of some of the most popular trails around the world. If you can find a trail map of one your friends completed hikes, I guarantee it will be loved.

Osprey Daypacks For Hiking

best hiking backpack

I’m sure you’ve seen the oversized hiking backpacks that aren’t great for storing an entire shopping center in, but not every hike needs the much preparation. Sometimes a simple day hike is nice (the most common we go on) and a smaller compact backpack is all you need for the little goods you’ll have.

So, if you know someone that does plenty of short hikes and might not have the best daypack, I highly recommend the Osrpey Daypack!

Hyperlite Versa Pack 

Versa Fanny Pack

I always carry a backpack during a hike, but a smaller waist pack is perfect for quick grab items. Any other hiker will tell you how inconvenient it is to unpack a bag full of stuff while trying to keep pace. A small waist pack keeps small snacks and items constantly at the ready.

Gifts for Hikers ABOVE $100

Have some more money to spend and want to really surprise that special outdoors enthusiast in your life? These gift ideas are the mix of surprise and value that any hiker will love!

Petzl Via Ferrata Lanyard

best hiking via ferrata

Not every hike is a smooth walk up a little hill, sometimes there’s rock scrambling and climbing! A few of the more dangerous hikes need the proper equipment to handle and this is something for the thrill seeker who plans on scaling a few high places during their hikes.

The Via Ferrata is essentially a safe clip on to ropes that are usually laid through dangerous trails. This lanyard allows you to always be safe and constantly clipped onto the rope by only ever taking off one clip at a time (the ropes are held into the mountain by certain stakes and the only way to get around is to unclip from the rope and reclip past the stake).

Leatherman Wearable Multi-tool

camping multitool

Slightly more expensive than the usually multi-tool, this one has plenty of problem-solving gadgets on it but with much more portability. No more losing a tool in your bag when you can have it ready to go on your wrist! This one definitely deserves a spot on our gifts for hikers list!

VSSL First Aid Kit

hiking first aid kit

There are cheaper options for first aid kits, but I wanted to add this one because of all that it has! If you don’t want to get this one and prefer a cheaper one, just make sure it has the essentials for safety and first aid. The VSSL is very compact and well designed to stand up to a hiking trip and still function.

GoPro Hero 7

outdoor action camera

While I have the GoPro Hero 7 listed here, any GoPro camera will be loved! We’ve been on some rock scrambling hikes and thankfully we had a GoPro to get some nice pictures on the climbs up. It’s not easy or safe to try and record something while climbing, so if you want to get a gift for that adventurer with a love of storytelling, get them a way to show you their stories!

Any Fitbit!

hiking fitness tracker

We got Fitbit trackers when the Charge 2 came out and they provide a lot of insight. My entire career has also been spent in IT and I have a love for data and analytics. So, being able to quantify how long and accomplishing a hike is feels great! If you have a friend or family member who’s an outdoor number cruncher too, then a fitness tracker is a wonderful gift!

Hiking Boots!

best hiking boots

I can’t recommend a single pair of boots because everyone’s preference varies. But I can say that I bought a fairly expensive pair in 2014 and have had them for every major hike since then (currently 2020).

Having a reliable pair of boots is one of the most important items for hiking and if you decided to get a pair for a friend, definitely make a day out of it and take them with you! It may seem odd to take the person you’re getting a gift for to get the actual gift, but any hiker will be grateful and understand, as you can’t just grab any boots.

Portable Solar Panels for Hiking

portable solar panel for outdoors

These are more for the hikers that camp through their hiking trips, not the one-day trekkers. Having one of these keep all your electronics ready for use is invaluable. Imagine if your friend was relying on GPS to get them around on their trip and it suddenly died.

Bob Ross had some friendly trees, but you won’t find any friendly enough to provide an outlet. So that friend will need some way to ensure they can get recharged and back to safety. Hopefully, they have a power bank, but for long outdoor adventures you may need more.

Best Gifts for Hikers and Outdoors Lovers!

I hope this list was insightful and gave some ideas for gifts to get your outdoorsie friends! Getting a present will always depend on that type of person and only you’ll be able to decide what’s good for them. 

If there’s other gifts for hikers you’d like to suggest, please mention them below!

Also, feel free to share this post using any of the images below!

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Unique Gifts for Hikers

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