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Are Eggs High in Histamine?

are eggs high in histamine
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Are Eggs High in Histamine?

Well it depends which part of the egg you’re eating. It turns out, eggs aren’t 100% high in histamine production. The egg white is high in histamine so it should be avoided if possible, but the egg yolk is low in histamine. 


Nutrition Facts for Eggs

Eggs have some interesting nutrition facts and these ones are for if you eat the whole egg and not just one part.

The average 50g egg contains roughly 78 calories, 5g of fat, 62mg sodium, 6g of protein, and a surprising 187mg of cholesterol. Aside from a slightly higher amount of cholesterol, it’s no surprise why they’re so common to eat for breakfast.


How To Make Eggs High Histamine

The only way to ensure there isn’t high histamine production from eating eggs, is to only eat the yolks. 

Everyone reacts differently to different foods though, so you may be able to eliminate it and slowly reintroduce it to test your tolerance and how it makes you feel. More importantly, if there are adverse side effects already noticed from eating eggs, then they should be avoid and you should talk to your doctor. 


Egg Yolk Recipes

If you’re avoiding histamine foods and want to stay away from egg whites, then there are still recipes that use egg yolks! These are three delicious recipes that make use of them but ensure the other ingredients used are also low histamine because the brands used might not be!

Crème Brulee 

Crème Brulee is one of my all time favorite desserts! A vanilla treat that I’ve been in love with since trying it for the first time over a decade and a half ago. 

Egg Yolk Cookies

If Crème Brulee isn’t a dessert you’re looking for, why not go with a classic? Cookies are a very popular dessert for a reason and these egg yolk cookies will aspire to their cookie cousins excellence.

Pound Cake

Finally, another great dessert that’s a bit more involved but well worth the effort. A pound cake is a simple dessert most people will love and this one only uses egg yolks.


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