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What Does Artichoke Taste Like?

what does an artichoke taste like
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What Are Artichokes?

An artichoke is an immature flower bud of a thistle. If you’re not sure what a thistle is, it’s any plant categorized by having leaves with sharp prickles around it. The artichoke is considered a vegetable and should be treated as one when planning out your dishes. If you do plan on adding artichokes to your cookbook, then I’d recommend learning how to properly prepare them as it’s not easy. 

Different parts of the artichoke are edible, such as the base of the leaves and the innermost leaves which are more tender. Underneath the leaves is the choke, and beneath that is the heart, the meatiest part of the plant. 

Where Do Artichokes Come From?

Originally, the artichoke comes from the Mediterranean regions of Europe and is considered one of the world’s oldest foods. Currently, artichokes are available all over from the U.S., France, Italy, and Spain. 

What does an Artichoke Look Like?

what does an artichoke taste like

Artichokes have a very distinguishable appearance that look like a flower waiting to bloom. 

The common color you’ll find them in is a solid green but like the picture above, they do temporarily have a reddish hue in some areas. 

What Does Artichoke Taste Like?

It can be difficult to describe how something tastes, especially from one stranger to another over the internet. The main difficulty is because we all have different tastes and might not even have the same basis for comparison, regardless I’ll give it a shot!

The most relatable taste that comes to mind is that of asparagus. The taste isn’t very strong and there’s a slight sweetness with a tinge of tangy flavor.  It also shares similarities with other green vegetables like broccoli and brussels sprouts. Despite the similarities, it still has a distinct taste of it’s own that you’ll notice right away. 

The taste is definitely unique and I suggest giving it a try yourself! You’ll never fully know what an artichoke tastes like unless you try it yourself!

Are Artichokes Healthy?

Artichokes come with a load of healthy benefits. The plant is low in fat while being rich in numerous nutrients and antioxidants. Additionally, a single medium sized artichoke will have roughly 7 grams of fiber (almost 1/4 of the referenced daily intake). 

An artichoke is surprisingly low in calories as well if you’re looking for a vegetable that is full of healthy nutrients but will also be helpful if you’re on a diet. 

On top of the healthy nutrients, some studies have shown that artichokes have a very positive effect on cholesterol. Artichokes have been show to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol while simultaneously increasing HDL (good) cholesterol. 

Artichoke Recipes

They’re healthy, low in calories, and have similar tastes to some vegetables you may love. So, what are some ways to add them to your diet? Below are some easy artichoke recipes to help you get started. 

Grilled Artichokes

You don’t always have time for complicated and lengthy recipes. Grilled artichokes are a great way to quickly cook a side vegetable that’s also tasty!

Braised Artichokes with Tomato and Mint

Maybe you do have time and want to make a more savory side dish. The braised artichokes with tomato add a nice and fancy spice to any other dish you plan on making, while also ensuring it’s healthy!

Asparagus Artichoke Breakfast Casserole 

Why not start your day off with an artichoke filled breakfast? This isn’t a side dish with a base of artichoke, it’s more of a main dish that incorporates the healthy taste of artichokes!

Try One!

I can describe the taste and texture of artichokes all day, but you won’t truly know until you try one. So please, try one of the recipes above or another one and let me know what you think!

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