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Guide to Glamping
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What is Glamping?

So, exactly what is glamping? Glamping is simply the combination of camping and glamour. Sounds like a weird word, but it’s a simple concept of camping but in a more luxurious manner. So if you’re interested in camping and being outdoors but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting incredibly dirty and leaves in all your stuff, then maybe try glamping?

How does Glamping work?

It’s simple and easy to start, you find a campsite or campground that offers higher end services but still allows you to experience the beauty of nature. There are plenty of campsites around the world and most of the aspects of your trip can be taken care of by a single facility.

There are a variety of places and things you can do while glamping that will vary depending on what campsite you go to. It’s like any other travel, the possibilities and adventures depend on where you go and what you’re interested in.

how do I go glamping

Where to start?

There are numerous places to search for glamping camp sites. My personal recommendation is to go onto as you’re able to find campsites based off of location and other options.

Additionally pack for the climate you intend to visit. That’s pretty much it. It’s like a normal camping trip but without a lot of the stress. Plenty of the location specific information can be learned from contacting a representative at the place you intend to go. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to do personal research either.

Happy glamping!

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